KSL TV — Is Your Husband on Your To Do List?

What do men really want in their marriage?! Laura M. Brotherson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist sat down with KSL Television’s “Studio 5” host Brooke Walker to discuss the need to put your husband on your “to do” list. Laura shares four keys regarding what men really want in their marriages and how you can make your husband your top priority.

  1. Men Want to be Wanted. Men want to be wanted not just loved!
  2. Men’s Highest Expression of Love – Sex. Many men consider sex to be the way they feel closest and most connected to their spouse (sex = love). Men often get shamed for this preference. It’s pretty much a societal given that men should be trying to meet women’s emotional needs in marriage, but there isn’t as much encouragement for women to develop in ways to meet their husband’s needs. Women often see sex as simply a physical release for their husbands or as an inappropriately important need. So, men, in essence, get shamed for their “preferred” form of intimate connection (physical), while women get all kinds of affirmation for their needs (emotional). Since most men want to feel desired, it requires wives to embrace and develop their own sexuality and then share it with their husbands vs. just “doing it” more. We call that duty sex.
  3. Men Want to be a Priority. Husbands often feel like they are low on the totem pole of importance in their wives’ lives. Kids come first. Everything seems to come first. In a strong, healthy marriages spouses need to both feel like they are the other’s #1!
  4. Men Want to Be “Done.” It’s not just that men like being intimate with their wives, but it’s a whole other level for a woman to take the initiative to actively pursue and “do” her husband. Men especially love that initiating or “wanting-ness” from their wives. Women aren’t as good at that, but it’s certainly something women are capable of developing!

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