Dating Divas “Marriage Bundle” – July 2021

The Dating Divas “Marriage Bundle

~ Available 2 Weeks Only!! ~

July 19 – August 2, 2021

All The BEST Marriage Resources Bundled Together!

Sexual desire for her does not begin with her body, but with her mind. This becomes a great challenge for women when battling negative views of their own bodies and sexuality. That’s why we are thrilled to be a part of The Dating Divas Marriage Bundle 2021!

We have teamed up with the TOP marriage experts, bloggers, professionals, and teachers to create the ULTIMATE Marriage Bundle! Your absolute FAVORITE bundle of the year is back and better than ever! We’ve gathered all of the best marriage courses, ebooks, and printables together so that you can create a happier and more connected relationship with your spouse!

Laura’s contribution to The Dating Divas “Marriage Bundle” is Chapter 2 excerpt – “Sexy is a State of Mind” from Laura’s book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary MarriageLaura provides valuable steps for women to unlock their heart and mind so they can create a passionate and intimately connected “sextraordinary” marriage!! Laura covers topics such as:

  • How Thoughts Affect Sex
  • How to Have a Sexy State of Mind
  • Exercises for Developing a Healthier Sexual Blueprint
  • …and so much more!

Get yourself a copy of the rest of this bookKnowing HER Intimately at

Marriage Matters!

It can be hard work to focus on making your marriage rock when there are so many other things on your plate. So we want to make it SIMPLE to create the type of marriage you always dreamed of!

If you want a happier, closer, and more passionate relationship with your spouse, this year’s Marriage Bundle is your answer!

But… this 2021 Marriage Bundle is only available for a limited time!

Mark you Calendar as this will only be available for TWO WEEKS starting Monday, July 19th (through August 2nd).

Note: Discount will be applied after adding to cart and clicking “Check Out”

Marriage Bundle” – Available Mon, July 19th!!!

This crazy bundle deal can’t stay around for forever, so you’ll need to act fast before this bundle dissolves into thin air!

All of these products in our Marriage Bundle are worth OVER $300 if you purchase them individually. But you can grab it RIGHT NOW for ONLY $20 using our link!

Yes, you read that right! $20 for everything that you need to make your marriage stronger, more fun, and more romantic. You are NOT going to want to miss this!

Worth Over $300, NOW only $20 using our link!

NORMAL PRICE = Over $300!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35

TWO WEEKS ONLY $20 (That’s over 90% OFF!)


(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

(Beginning Monday, July 19th)

Worth Over $300, NOW only $20!

How The Marriage Bundle Works

For just 15 days, you only need to make one purchase to save OVER $300 and create an awesome marriage at the same time. If you wait too long (after midnight MDT on August 2), this deal will be gone forever, and you’ll have to track down each resource from each expert! No fun. (Plus, waaaaaaay more money!)

The normal price tag on this bundle is $35, but when you click on our link below, our unique discount code will be applied that SLASHES the price to just $20! (Honestly, that is the same price as ONE resource in the bundle!)

What’s Included

This Marriage Bundle is FILLED with practical tools, secrets, systems, and resources to improve your marriage. One of the best parts of the bundle is that all of the resources cover different aspects of a relationship! You can use each one of them and totally enhance every single part of your marriage, or you can pick and choose the resources that will be most useful to you. (The crazy part is that even if you only use a couple of these resources, you will still be SAVING money!)

Take a look at what is included in this bundle:

  • 12 Around the World Dates
  • 30 Minute Mini-Course on Sexuality
  • Goal Setting Masterclass
  • Couples Sexy Card Game
  • The Mother Load Online Course
  • “Enduring All Things” eBook
  • Couple’s Goal Planner
  • 15 Daily Prayers To Pray For Your Wife & 15 Daily Prayers To Pray For Your Husband
    AND MORE! (check out all the details below if you want to see everything first!)

NORMAL PRICE = Over $300!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

(Beginning Monday, July 19th)


Want a Closer Look At What’s Included?

This bundle is such a STEAL right?! If you want to get every single detail that you can before purchasing, we’ve listed out each product and description below. This way, you will feel MORE than confident that paying just $20 to get every single resource mentioned below is exactly what your marriage needs! (Click any image to enlarge!)

1. Enduring All Things: Build a marriage that will endure whatever comes your way by Enduring All Things— Did you know, it’s possible to build a marriage that will endure whatever comes your way? It takes work and commitment, but it’s totally worth it. This eBook contains 13 chapters full of practical tips and ways you can work on your marriage every day. Even when it seems like things are going well. It’s important to build that foundation so your marriage will endure when the hard times come!

2. “Sexy is a State of Mind” Excerpt from Chapter 2, “Knowing HER Intimately” by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST— With “sexy” as a state of mind learning how to clean out the mental debris and create a healthy and positive sexual blueprint is the difference between sexual self-confidence and sexual frustration and discouragement. In this digital excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage by certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson, women now have the steps to unlock their mind so they can create a passionate and intimately connected “sextraordinary” marriage!!

3. 12 Around the World Dates by the Dating DivasGet ready for an exotic adventure with your spouse, every month for a whole year! You’ll get 12 unique dates that will help you explore 12 new countries. Each individual country pack includes a set of printables and fun activities to do specific to that country so you can feel like you are there without breaking the bank! Grab your passports and your favorite travel companion (aka, your spouse!) and get started on a first class excursion to a happier marriage. And the best part is, no packing!

4. The Trust Workshop: How To Rebuild Trust After A Betrayal by Growth MarriageWhen trust is damaged, your relationship suffers. If you don’t know how to heal trust after it’s been broken, it negatively impacts every good thing about your relationship. But healing is 100% possible… I’ll show you how.

5. 30 Minute Mini-Course on Sexuality by Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-FifeDr. Finlayson-Fife has put together a powerful 30-minute mini-course breaking down common misconceptions about sex that are undermining the happiness in your marriage! This crash course will empower you with the knowledge you need to take your intimate relationship to the next level. 

6. Beyond Date Night – Simple Ways to Make Your Marriage a Priority in Everyday Life by A Prioritized Marriage— The little gestures and rituals that are a part of your marriage every day are the things that ultimately matter when you’re trying to make your marriage a priority. This book will provide you with over 20 actionable tips you can implement in your marriage to continue to make each other a priority throughout every stage of life. Each chapter includes multiple suggestions for implementing each tip in your own relationship.

7. Couples Sexy Card Game by Love Hope AdventureGet a PDF download with 4 different suits in this Couples Sexy Card Game Deck. Each suit is themed and comes with their own unique instructions. This deck can be mixed up and played like a real hand of cards also!

NORMAL PRICE = Over $300!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

(Beginning Monday, July 19th)

8. The Mother Load: An online course that helps couples unite to tackle the mental load by My Love ThinksPart of the reason you feel so stressed, tired, and possibly, resentful, is that you’re carrying the bulk of the mental load. But, there’s hope. It doesn’t have to stay this way. The Mother Load will help you and your partner unite to tackle the mental load together and offer proven tips and strategies to minimize conflict, resentment and feelings of inequity around the mental load. The Mother Load includes video-based instruction and downloadable skill sheets.

9. Would you Rather? Ultimate Intimacy card deck printable by Ultimate IntimacyThese printable “would you rather” games cards are sure to spice up your relationship and physical intimacy! Take turns asking each other what you would rather do, and let the foreplay fun begin! You will not only be thinking deep thoughts and answering deep questions, but finding out things you never knew about your spouse! The benefit? You won’t be able to stop the game without wanting to take your spouse to the bedroom 🙂

10. Couple’s Goal Planner by Christian Marriage AdventuresAre you ready to create the marriage of your dreams? If so, the Couple’s Goal Planner from Marriage Legacy Builders is what you need! From connection time to date planning to a couple’s Bible reading plan, this printable planner has it all. This is 40 pages of pure planning bliss!

11. 15 Daily Prayers To Pray For Your Wife & 15 Daily Prayers To Pray For Your Husband by Awesome MarriageTake time to pray daily for your spouse and call upon the One who can create real change in his life. This tool makes it easy to pray big prayers daily for your spouse! The “15 Daily Prayers To Pray For Your Husband” resource is an 8-page PDF, with 15 specific prayers just for your husband and the the “15 Daily Prayers To Pray For Your Wife” resource is an 8-page PDF, with 15 specific prayers just for your wife. Show your spouse some love by taking a few minutes each day to cover them in prayer.

12. Romance the Write Way: Easy Love Letters by Engaged MarriageRekindle the romance (and intimacy) in your marriage with a step-by-step letter writing process that takes less than 15 minutes. Plus, you’ll get our exclusive Love Letter Templates to make it super easy and fun!

13. Sexploration List for Couples by Get Your Marriage On!— Do you feel like intimacy is a bit stagnant? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun, creative (and clean) ideas to keep sex exciting in your marriage? Taking time to discuss ways to nourish your sex life can be scary, but not to worry! The Sexploration List contains 13 pages of ideas. Print off two copies, mark a “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” on the prompts, and share your answers! Look forward to great conversation and new adventures in your marriage.

14. “He Said She Said” eBook by Jay and Laura LafoonPractical, witty and fun, He Said She Said, explores the different needs of men and women. Eight powerful phrases- such as ‘ I respect you’, ” I desire you” and ” I believe in you- will revolutionize communication between husbands and wives.

15. Goal Setting Masterclass: Using Trello to Plan Your Year & Quarter by A Purpose Driven MomAre you tired of making goals for your marriage, family and life and feeling stuck with how to get started? This goal setting masterclass will help you learn how to create goals for your year and then break them down for the quarter aligned with your priorities. Whether you want to figure out how to find time for date night, get more 1:1 time together or create family goals together, this class will help you get there. It is taught through the lens of Trello but, have no fear – Trello mastery not required! Let’s get your action plan going to help you feel more in control of your time so you can fit in more of what matters!


#1- It’s only available for a LIMITED TIME!

#2- After midnight MDT on August 2nd, this deal is gone FOREVER!

What are you waiting for?!


NORMAL PRICE = Over $300!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35

ONLY $20 USING OUR DISCOUNT (That’s over 90% OFF!)


(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

(Beginning Monday, July 19th)

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