KSL TV– Rocket Fuel for Female Desire


Did you know women are generally 4 steps away from desire? Laura M. Brotherson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, sat down with KSL Television’s “Studio 5” host Brooke Walker to discuss the topic “4 Steps to Fuel Female Desire.” They explore what both women and men need to know and do about female desire in order to create a sextraordinary marriage! Female desire doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer!! Couples can learn how to help her “want to” with these 4 steps from her book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage.

  • Step #0 – Context  
    • A – Agency
    • C – Connection/Relationship Climate
    • E – Embraced Sexuality
  • Step #1 – Decision
  • Step #2 – Connect (TALK)
  • Step #3 – Foreplay (TOUCH)
  • Step #4 – Desire

Check out the links below for help in creating your own sextraordinary marriage!

CLICK — to watch this video on KSL “Studio 5”
CLICK — for printable “Rocket Fuel for Female Desire” handout
CLICK — for ALL Laura’s TV/Video Interviews
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