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  • Emotional Accountability — Podcast

    Emotional Accountability — Podcast

    Restoring Trust in Your Relationship Many couples in addiction recovery understand the behavioral recovery needed, but struggle to do the emotional accountability also needed to help heal relationship trauma. LifeStar of St. George has a brief but excellent podcast to help couples understand the need for emotional safety, emotional presence and emotional

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  • Togetherness Project 2016 Conference

    Togetherness Project 2016 Conference

    Presentation by Laura M. Brotherson: “Help for a Healthy Sexual Relationship” Togetherness Project 2016 Conference Saturday, August 27, 2016 The Zermatt Resort (Midway, UT) Join with other courageous women for this conference in a spirit of sisterhood to help overcome the betrayal of trust and

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  • Love is a Choice

    Love is a Choice

    LESSONS LEARNED ABOUT LOVE IN MARRIAGE By Kilee Luthi (…the whole story!) Original version re-posted from Deseret News When I made the decision to marry my husband, I knew that the future wouldn’t necessarily be easy. However, I never expected one of my greatest trials

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  • Marriage Meme #6 — Mutually Fulfilling

    Marriage Meme #6 — Mutually Fulfilling

    “Developing a mutually fulfilling love life is a major protective factor against infidelity.” ~Laura M. Brotherson We encourage you to help us strengthen marriages and families by sharing these memes on your favorite social media sites! #StrengtheningMarriage #MarriageMemes See all the Marriage Memes here!

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  • Infidelity Resources

    Infidelity Resources

    Infidelity Resources — Preventing and Healing from Affairs The following are some of my recommended resources for preventing affairs and healing from infidelity. Feel free to leave your suggestions below if you have other good resources to recommend and I’ll check them out! Websites After

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  • Tingles for Someone Who’s Not Your Spouse

    Tingles for Someone Who’s Not Your Spouse

    We wanted to share the following “Monthly Marriage Tips” from our friends at The National Healthy Marriage Institute! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Healthy Marriage Tip — Attraction to Someone Who is Not Your Spouse The National Healthy Marriage Institute The last two monthly marriage tips have been on

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  • Want Porn Out? Let Wife In!

    by Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author of Confronting Pornography, and founder of the new blog (and upcoming book) Love You, Hate the Porn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want Porn Out? Let Wife In! reprinted from “Love You, Hate the Porn” Blog Here’s how it went in the

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  • MIS #011—Tiger Woods, Marriage and Infidelity

    MIS #011—Tiger Woods, Marriage and Infidelity

    Unfortunate revelations of infidelity by those in the media provide an opportunity for all couples to do an inventory of their own marriages, and shore them up against destructive influences. In this Episode #011 — “Tiger Woods, Marriage and Infidelity” of The Marital Intimacy Show marriage

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  • Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part II

    Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part II

    In part I of “Affair Proofing Your Marriage” we discussed: being introspective, and developing greater self-awareness; avoiding selfishness; communicating openly in marriage about anything; acknowledging and discussing attractions to others with your spouse; and avoiding secrecy. In this segment we will continue our discussion of

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  • Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part I

    Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part I

    News of marital infidelity among politicians, celebrities or anyone, for that matter, is heartrending. Hearts are broken, and lives and careers are destroyed. Everyone involved ultimately suffers. It’s not just the news that attests to the need for some discussion of this subject. It’s also

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