Counseling Endorsements

Counseling Endorsements
Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE

Beginning counseling with Laura nearly 3 years ago has been the most productive thing we have done to strengthen our marriage over the past 15 years. We have seen remarkable growth in our relationship, and we had a lot of things to overcome including a husbands addiction to pornography and a wife’s battle with depression as a result of the demands of motherhood and distrust caused by her husband’s addiction.

From the beginning we felt understood by Laura who accepted us with our faults and never once did we feel judged. Laura buoyed up our spirits with hope and compassion and understanding and specific recommendations every single time we met. She has a unique ability to understand men’s and women’s differences, which proved critical to helping coach us as we worked to communicate better and improve our intimate relationship. We still have a lot of progress to make but we are so grateful for Laura’s help. She has helped us lift the dark clouds and allow the sunshine to come through in our lives and our marriage.

~ Craig & Sydney K.


Marital and sex therapy with Laura has improved our marriage immensely! Laura has such a wonderful way of helping me access each situation from my spouses point of view. This has helped me have more patience, and better understand our situation. I have learned what things I am doing as well as what my spouse is doing to contribute to our situation.

Every session with Laura I have walked away with several “Ah Ha” moments! I always have things that really resonate with me. I always have good homework to work on between sessions. That is exactly what I have needed, as it helps uncover the root of our actual problems. I especially appreciate the handouts she gives me and how much better I understand the female sexual response now. I will be forever grateful for Laura’s approach and help with our marriage!

~ Jill G.


Thanks to Laura the thoughts I now keep in my mind as my husband and I are having intimate relations is that this sexual act is of God and that it IS to be enjoyed. The word that sticks in my brain is  “surrender.” I have had a hard time enjoying the lovemaking process for almost 25 years. I can now really enjoy it if I “surrender.” I still struggle some with having desire in the first place to “go there,” but  am glad I have a partner who is willing to do whatever he can to help me enjoy it and in doing so, I am more able to “go there.”

I so appreciate Laura’s understanding, and all her advice and wisdom in getting us to this point. Without her Couples Cruise seminars, her book and our counseling sessions we wouldn’t be turning our good marriage into an even better one. This is something I didn’t think was possible, and though a constant work in progress…I am happy in this hopeful, beautiful journey.

~ Patty D.


My wife and I have been working together with Laura in group workshops and private counseling sessions for nearly ten years. We first met Laura after 25 years of marriage, and wish we had met her when we were newlyweds. My wife and I have trusted Laura with our most intimate thoughts and feelings, and have been so well rewarded in the intimate relationship of our marriage.

Laura has been knowledgeable, professional, and well-prepared with regard to those sessions. But more importantly (at least for us), her humor, wit, and personal concern for us have shined through on every occasion. She has taught us the inherent goodness of marital intimacy and true love, and has encouraged us to nurture those in ways that benefit our union and each of us individually. It is significant that she and her husband are wonderful examples of what she teaches.

Laura has taught us to anticipate the question of how the other may feel about a given issue or situation. Because of our interactions with her, we find ourselves anticipating how she might suggest we deal with issues on our own. We appreciate that she has given us tools to continue to build our marriage and be self-sufficient in overcoming new issues as they arise.

We heartily give our highest recommendation to Laura Brotherson as a certified sex therapist. She is filling a great void for trusted sex therapy especially for faith-based individuals and couples. We are so glad we found her and her help.

~ Stan S.


I’m not sure I will be able to adequately put into words just how much Laura has helped me in every aspect of my life. I had no idea how much I would be able to benefit from her help. I have been seeing Laura for several years now for all sorts of issues. She has brought to light the specific areas that were most dark in my life. Because of some very terrifying things that happened to me as a child it lead me to believe that men were awful, marriage was even more awful and sex was something women had to give a man whenever he desired it. Oh how far I’ve come, with Laura’s help.

Her patience and her willingness to “sit” with me through all of my crap and wait patiently until I was ready to work on different aspects of my life has been life changing for me. Today I am a woman that now understands how sacred and beautiful a marriage is — how intimacy is beautiful and healthy and something to be desired. I’ve learned that most men are good. She has taught me how men are different than women but that doesn’t make them bad. She has taught me how to find my voice and how to communicate in my marriage. She has taught me that I do matter, and I can be in a healthy, happy, intimate relationship and that it is a great and happy thing, not something to be scared of.

I have much more work to do, but I know without a doubt I would not be the woman I am today if it were not for Laura Brotherson. I have had to do the work, but she has helped me learn the tools necessary to do that work. She continues to encourage me and believe in me without telling me what I should or should not do. She has helped me regain my womanhood and has totally and completely helped me change my outlook on sex, marriage, and how truly beautiful and bonding intimate relationships are between a man and a woman. I never thought I would feel so positive regarding these things but with Laura’s help my views have changed and I continue to move forward and grow in a healthy more balanced way.

~ Sandy C.


We have brought some very challenging sexual issues to our counseling sessions with Laura Brotherson, and have received a lot of help thus far. I have a lot of hope now about addressing the sexual challenges that have plagued our marriage since it began 7 years ago. In the past I have been really discouraged about our sexual difficulties. I now have hope that my marriage can improve and become a happy marriage, and a marriage where sexual intimacy is normal and beautiful. I feel like I am finally addressing some of the hidden issues relating to negative sexual conditioning. As I continue to work through these issues individually, with my husband, and with Laura I know I will experience the healing that is available to me and my marriage.

~ Maryann O.


My wife and I have been greatly helped by Laura Brotherson’s book, website (Strengthening and her counseling. My wife’s upbringing induced in her a resistance to talking, thinking, or even considering sexual intimacy. We married more than 40 years ago and have struggled greatly during the intervening years. When I discovered Laura’s book And They Were Not Ashamed I felt it might be something that would help my wife get past some of the things troubling her. We also discovered Laura’s website and her Marital Intimacy Show podcasts. It has been through listening to these podcasts that my wife has been able to really begin considering the subject of her sexual upbringing. My wife has related that for her sex was like ‘being a spectator’ at an event. Over time my wife has been able to change her beliefs about sex and realize that what she was taught and experienced as a child was “all a lie.” We are so grateful to Laura and her resources for the help she has been to our struggling marriage.

~ Randall L.


We are doing awesome now thanks to Laura’s help! We began seeing Laura because we needed help with the intimate part of our marriage. We were spinning our wheels and getting nowhere on our own. She was able to help us find and work through some core issues that were holding us back from having the marriage we desired. We were both amazed at her skills and professionalism. Without Laura’s help we would still be stuck, frustrated, and unsatisfied…but now we have a deeper love and more fulfillment than we could ever imagine. Laura is truly gifted in her work and we will be forever grateful for the support she gave us at such a critical point in our marriage.

~ Ken & Lindy N.


In our counseling with Laura Brotherson she had the vocabulary to help us communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other in a way we could both feel heard and understood, especially on such a sensitive subject as sex. She doesn’t simply spout platitudes, which might be applicable to what we are dealing with but actively thinks through what we’ve said. She is able to come up with thoughts and suggestions uniquely fitting for us. These have turned out to be very applicable to us and have created many Aha! moments for us and our marriage.

~ Greg & Vicki S.


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