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  • Male Sexuality Survey – Initial Results

    Male Sexuality Survey – Initial Results

    We’ve received nearly 700 responses from our Male Sexuality Survey thus far (1/10/19 thru 2/1/19). How awesome is that?! If you haven’t yet taken our Male Sexuality Survey, there is still time as it will stay open for at least a few more weeks. You can find out how

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  • Take Our “Male Sexuality” Survey

    Take Our “Male Sexuality” Survey

    What are your thoughts about male sexuality? In preparation for Laura M. Brotherson’s next book, we’ve created a Male Sexuality Survey and invite you to tell us what you think! This anonymous survey is for married (or previously married) men and women who would like

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  • Emotional Accountability — Podcast

    Emotional Accountability — Podcast

    Restoring Trust in Your Relationship Many couples in addiction recovery understand the behavioral recovery needed, but struggle to do the emotional accountability also needed to help heal relationship trauma. LifeStar of St. George has a brief but excellent podcast to help couples understand the need for emotional safety, emotional presence and emotional

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  • LDS Addiction Recovery Conf

    LDS Addiction Recovery Conf

    LDS Addiction Recovery Conference Saturday, Oct 22, 2016, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Boise, Idaho) Presentations by Laura M. Brotherson: “Spiritual Surrender – How to be Okay when you’re not Okay” “Addiction Recovery – Keys to Success” If you or someone you love is dealing with compulsive

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  • Togetherness Project 2016 Conference

    Togetherness Project 2016 Conference

    Presentation by Laura M. Brotherson: “Help for a Healthy Sexual Relationship” Togetherness Project 2016 Conference Saturday, August 27, 2016 The Zermatt Resort (Midway, UT) Join with other courageous women for this conference in a spirit of sisterhood to help overcome the betrayal of trust and

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  • Effects of Porn on Relationships

    Effects of Porn on Relationships

    EFFECTS OF PORNOGRAPHY ON RELATIONSHIPS Title: Pornography and Relationship Damage Research Results Publication: Morality In Media Author: Mary Anne Layden, Ph.D. Date: 12/13/2013 Adult exposure to pornographic media is connected with: 1. Greater acceptance of sex before marriage 2. Having more sex partners 3. Rating

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  • Fifty Shades of Messed Up

    Fifty Shades of Messed Up

    I am loathe to give this any free publicity, but as a sex therapist who specifically works with a lot of pornography and sexual addiction issues, and has a passion for helping couples have great, healthy sex in their marriages, I hope to steer people

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  • How Pornography Affects Teens

    How Pornography Affects Teens

    Learn How Pornography Addiction Affects the Teenage Brain – Infographic

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  • Love is a Choice

    Love is a Choice

    LESSONS LEARNED ABOUT LOVE IN MARRIAGE By Kilee Luthi (…the whole story!) Original version re-posted from Deseret News   When I made the decision to marry my husband, I knew that the future wouldn’t necessarily be easy. However, I never expected one of my greatest

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  • “Restoring Intimacy” — NWCHI Conf 2014

    “Restoring Intimacy” — NWCHI Conf 2014

    “Restoring Intimacy” The Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy Conference September 13, 2014     You won’t want to miss this conference especially if pornography has touched your life–whether directly or indirectly. The Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy Conference 2014 — “Restoring Intimacy” is designed to  empower

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