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  • NEW BOOK! – “Knowing HER Intimately”

    NEW BOOK! – “Knowing HER Intimately”

         NEW BOOK It’s here!!! Order today to start creating a “Sextraordinary Marriage!” Laura’s new book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage is now available here in our online store, as well as at other outlets like and

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  • 2016 AMCAP Convention

    2016 AMCAP Convention

     Presentation by Laura M. Brotherson: “Fuel for Female Desire and Arousal: Clinical Applications for Addressing Female Desire and Arousal Difficulties” 2016 AMCAP Convention (Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists) Theme: “Integration: Mind, Body, Spirit” Thursday, Sept 29 – Friday, Sept 30, 2016 Joseph Smith Memorial

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  • Togetherness Project 2016 Conference

    Togetherness Project 2016 Conference

    Presentation by Laura M. Brotherson: “Help for a Healthy Sexual Relationship” Togetherness Project 2016 Conference Saturday, August 27, 2016 The Zermatt Resort (Midway, UT) Join with other courageous women for this conference in a spirit of sisterhood to help overcome the betrayal of trust and

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  • Success Story #7 — Beauty of Sexual Surrender

    Success Story #7 — Beauty of Sexual Surrender

    The Beauty of Sexual Surrender — Sexual Success Story #7 — Strengthening Laura, I am happy to share my experience with learning to surrender myself to my husband, and the exquisite sexual experience. I now understand why you are so passionate about sexual intimacy

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  • Marriage Meme #15 — Feeling Sexy

    Marriage Meme #15 — Feeling Sexy

    “Feeling sexy comes from within. It’s the feeling that says, ‘I like who I am, I like my body, and I’m happy to share it with you!’” ~Laura Brotherson We encourage you to help us strengthen marriages and families by sharing these memes on your favorite

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  • BYU Article-“From No, No, No to Go, Go, Go”

    BYU Article-“From No, No, No to Go, Go, Go”

      Laura Brotherson was interviewed for an article recently published by Brigham Young University’s The Daily Universe student newspaper: Some Latter-day Saints reject exclusively “thou shall not” teachings on sexual intimacy By Allie Hamilton November 5, 2015 Daily Universe, Brigham Young University Marriage and sex

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  • Restoring Intimacy Conf – Sep 19th

    Restoring Intimacy Conf – Sep 19th

    Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy (NWCHI) 2015 Annual Conference Saturday, September 19, 2015 Portland, Oregon REGISTER TODAY! Use Coupon Code WAMFT to get $15 off!!! Certified Sex Therapist, Laura M. Brotherson, will be one of the keynote speakers for this excellent conference presented by the

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  • Honeymoon Story — Something to Celebrate

    Honeymoon Story — Something to Celebrate

    I remember that my husband and I (fiance at the time) were really open about sex. Obviously we had to set boundaries and tried to make sure that when we were reading your book And They Were Not Ashamed that we were in a public place.

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  • Don’t Forget the Honeymoon!

    Don’t Forget the Honeymoon!

    Honeymoon Horror Stories After 15 years of marriage, Mandy still recalls her honeymoon with some frustration and resentment. The wedding day was beautiful and perfectly planned, but the honeymoon was nothing like the fantasy she had created in her mind. She recalled the abundant advice

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  • Happy Honeymoon — Premarital Exam

    Happy Honeymoon — Premarital Exam

    Getting started on the path to a happy honeymoon is not always easy. So, I was thrilled for this mom and her soon-to-be-married daughter who had a really positive premarital medical exam experience! Here’s their story: Times sure have changed. I was pleasantly surprised for

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