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It’s here!!! Order today to start creating a “Sextraordinary Marriage!” Laura’s new book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage is now available here in our online store, as well as at other outlets like and

You can see Laura introduce the book to the world during her television interview with Brooke Walker on KSL’s “Studio 5” show.



“Wow! I am super impressed with everything about this book!  I love the use of alliteration with the 12 T’s!  This book had me entertained from start to finish!  I couldn’t put it down!  I learned a lot from this book!  I wondered how Laura could top her first book And They Were Not Ashamed, but this one is even better!  It is more comprehensive, thorough, entertaining, and detailed!  I loved how different clients’ experiences were used to illustrate points!  I loved the assignments that were given to journal!  I loved the sections in the Appendix, especially the questions that couples can ask each other!  I loved the teachings on how any form of pornography damages marital relationships!  I love how she refers people to her website and podcasts, to enlarge their understanding and expand their horizons on the potential sexual fulfillment and joy that they can experience in this life!  I love how bold she is throughout the book, teaching truths that has Satan shaking in fear, because she is removing false creeds that have been riveted upon the minds of men and women in society for many years.  I especially value and love books that transform lives, and this book will transform lives better than any book I’ve ever read!

Having read over 3,000 books in my lifetime and having read a few hundred books on marriage & family relationships and/or marital intimacy, and having a Bachelor of Science Degree from BYU in Marriage, Family and Human Development, I thought I had a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject that this book addresses, but I must say that this book, Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage, was the most entertaining, informative, worthwhile, and thorough book that I’ve ever read on any subject and especially on the subject of marital intimacy!  I learned so much vital information from this masterpiece!  I look forward to reading it again, again, and again!  I will be telling all of my friends, family, and associates that it is the most important book I’ve ever read to help them exponentially increase their marital success, satisfaction, & sexual enjoyment!  I’m just super impressed with everything about this book! Laura is doing such a great work for God by bringing forth this inspired book, which will bless millions and millions of marriages & families!  God bless her for writing this beautiful masterpiece!”

— Derek E. Lentz
South Salt Lake City, Utah


“She’s done it again! After doing her homework, Laura has taken the latest research in sexuality and condensed it into an easy to read and apply handbook for anyone wanting to better understand what works for women sexually. As a whole, this book acts like a giant megaphone, broadcasting what women everywhere are trying to say about their unique sexual needs.

For those who don’t have the words to describe their experiences, desires and needs, reading this book will give you the language to express yourself more clearly and confidently. For those who do have the words, but continue to feel unheard, it will give you needed validation, comfort, and courage to continue to strive for a “sextraordinary” relationship you so desire.

This book is not just for those who are struggling or feel uneducated in the area of sexuality. As a long time marriage therapist and sexual addiction recovery therapist, I’ve already highlighted more than a dozen new ideas to help my couples tackle this vital area successfully, creatively and even with some fun thrown in! She highlights the importance of areas such as Time, Tenderness and Thoughts as well as Technique, Teasing and Treats, among her 12 T’s. Woven throughout, she uniquely includes the Spiritual aspect, an often overlooked or undervalued area connected with sexuality for many women.”

— Caralee Frederic, LCSW
Colorado Springs, Colorado



Q:  I was wondering if this new book is meant for the guy to read about his wife, or the wife to read about herself?

A: Great question! I know it seems as if the title “Knowing HER Intimately” is suggesting that this book is for him to understand her, but it’s actually as much for women to understand their own intimate wiring as it is for husbands to understand it. The primary audience for this book is actually women, then men. Though it’s written with a Christian/marriage-focused perspective the overall audience is anyone (married or not) that would like to better understand how women are wired sexually/intimately, so that they can create what I call a “sextraordinary marriage.”

Men sometimes think they already know everything there is to know about sex. But where female sexuality tends to be more complicated and multi-dimensional, and the topic itself can be challenging, this book is first for women to understand their own wiring, then for men to understand their wives’ wiring. We definitely hope this book attracts her in a way that she feels “safe” picking up this book. (Women tend to be the “relationship” book buyers anyway!) But we also want husbands to want to read it with her as well, or even on their own to better understand their wife and what makes her tick sexually.


Q: What is a “Sextraordinary Marriage” you talk about?

A: A “Sextraordinary Marriage” is not just about sex by any stretch, but about having an extraordinary and intimately connected marriage, which allows for the most connected, intimate and passionate sexual relationship as well.

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