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I remember that my husband and I (fiance at the time) were really open about sex. Obviously we had to set boundaries and tried to make sure that when we were reading your book And They Were Not Ashamed that we were in a public place. I believe reading your book helped us be more comfortable after we were married. I specifically remember the section in your book that talks about orgasms in women and how to help “her reach orgasm.” My husband was especially grateful for that section (as am I). 

We suggested to another couple that were our really good friends that they should read your book too. They felt it was inappropriate to read before they were married because it aroused too many feelings. While I agree that it arouses feelings, I don’t think it was anything inappropriate. 

My husband and I didn’t know from experience about sex so for us to read about it was really important. We just wanted to make sure that we knew what to expect. I had never heard of the “good girl syndrome” until reading your book, but now I can see how that is a very real thing. Before getting married I always thought I would never have problems or concerns about sex, but after getting married I experienced shyness and insecurities that I never thought I would have. Now after eight years of marriage, I still have some of those same issues. 

Looking back, prior to us getting married we both always had a goal to wait until marriage. No matter how difficult it seemed to be to wait, it was a priority and we were going to do everything possible to help each other keep our goal. I feel that reading your book actually helped us keep our goal because we had something to look forward to. 

We both felt that our honeymoon would be that much more special and fulfilling if we waited, and had something to celebrate. As circumstances were we actually weren’t able to “celebrate” as expected on our wedding night due to some unforeseen complications, however the “intimacy” part of that night was still rewarding because we knew at that moment there weren’t any boundaries that we had to fear crossing. We knew that the Lord approved and we found joy in that.

I’m so grateful for Laura’s book. It was so perfect for my husband and I in many ways, but the one way that stands out in my mind currently is how to pay attention to each others turn-on buttons. We’ve learned to ask each other what “works” for them and what MIS046_ATWNA-Frnt-bookcover-400pixturns them off. 

Some of my friends are kinda squeamish about sex, and when I suggest your book it sometimes seems to spark fear in their eyes like they can’t read “stuff like that.” I have found that those friends are the ones that don’t have as close a relationship with their spouse. I wish everyone would read your book before they get married. I’m thankful for your book because it tells it like it is, in a tasteful way. Thank you!


Share Your Honeymoon Stories

We’re excited to gather and share happy honeymoon stories like the one above, as well as honeymoon horror stories. We hope to provide some important information to better prepare couples for a positive and fulfilling honeymoon experience, and a better beginning to their sexual relationship.

Those who send in the first 10 honeymoon stories will receive a free copy of our Love 101: Learning to Love More Meaningfully CD and a $25 off coupon to The Anniversary Inn for any suite, any night! So, act fast to get these great gifts!

Whether your honeymoon was happy, or kind of horrible, we’d love to hear what you learned, and what you recommend others do or not do in order to have a great sexual start in their marriage.

Simply email the stories to us with “Honeymoon Story” on the subject line and your real name and address somewhere in the email so we can mail you your CD and gift certificate. Please keep them brief and anonymous (change names or identifying info). We especially hope you will share at least a few things you did well in anticipation of your honeymoon, and/or a few things you’d recommend to couples to help them be better prepared. The stories will be posted here on our website.

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