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  • Kissy Pics—Couples Photo Contest

    Kissy Pics—Couples Photo Contest

    We’re excited to announce our 8th annual Couples Photo Contest for a chance to win a Valentine’s Giveaway to the romantic Anniversary Inn. Just send us your favorite “kissy” photo of you and your spouse for a chance to win a fabulous ~ FREE ~ one-night getaway

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  • My Honey of a Husband—Reasons I Really Like Him

    My Honey of a Husband—Reasons I Really Like Him

    Not that I need a reason, but my good friend, Fawn, at the Happy Wives Club wanted all us marriage-strengthening blogger types to start a trend of sharing some of the reasons we love and adore our husbands. I was more than happy to oblige! So,

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  • Gross Out Your Kids

    Gross Out Your Kids

    One of the best things you can do for your kids is to love each other as their mother and father! : ) This picture is a fun reminder that while kids may sometimes act “grossed out” by the love and affection you have for

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  • Take Her with You—Flat Wife

    Take Her with You—Flat Wife

    Take Her with You — Flat Wife! A spouse’s business trips away from home can be a real concern for a lot of couples! Knowing of the easy potential for thoughts and activities to lead away from one’s spouse and family, I loved the idea shared by

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  • Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Gathering Place for Addiction Recovery Tools & Resources Originally my intention was to send an email with a variety of attached files to a bunch of my clients to share many of the helpful tools and handouts I use in helping people overcome compulsive/ addictive behavior. That email didn’t even

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  • Emotional Foreplay — Dating Divas Tele-Seminar

    Emotional Foreplay — Dating Divas Tele-Seminar

    “The Dating Divas” SPECIAL — $9 for Laura’s book  And They Were Not Ashamed–Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment (only thru Fri 9/28 at 12 midnight MST)! Below are the presentation slides for Laura’s “Emotional Foreplay” tele-seminar for The Dating Divas Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat. You’ll also find (below the

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  • Strengthening Marriage Partners —

    Strengthening Marriage Partners —

    Because was having a fabulous giveaway of some fun intimacy-inducing items for OUR Facebook fans, we wanted to know what was behind all their enthusiastic support of and our marriage-strengthening efforts! So, here is Heidie Lee’s story and her journey of creating the online store

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  • Vacuuming Naked

    Vacuuming Naked

      You Did What?! *Candace had been struggling with body image issues for some time. We had worked on it quite a bit in both individual and couples therapy sessions, and she was making good progress. She looked like someone you’d think would feel great

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  • Can’t Connect with your Teen?

    Can’t Connect with your Teen?

    Having a tough time connecting with your teen? Here are some helpful connecting tips for parents

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  • Happy 50th Anniversary — to My Parents

    Happy 50th Anniversary — to My Parents

    Congratulations to my dad and mom, Ed and Margaret Mason, for 50 years of marriage! That’s quite a wonderful accomplishment! On my parents’ 29th anniversary (July 19, 1991) Kevin and I were married, so today (July 19, 2012) marks the 50th anniversary of my parents&#

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