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happy_couple-1Research tells us that many people have lost faith in marriage. They are afraid that happiness and long-term marriage aren’t even possible anymore. There are too few examples to support and show them that long-term happiness in marriage IS possible.

How many happily married couples do you know? Are you happily married? Would others describe you as happily married? If not, why? Do you know what it takes to not just get by in marriage, but to thrive?

Happily married couples are needed now more than ever to shine a light on the joys and possibilities in marriage, and to help show other couples how to thrive. Dr. Greg Popcak suggests that it is up to the “happily marrieds,” those that are thriving, to remedy the situation:

“People who are married have a two-fold obligation. First, they need to commit to constantly working to make their marriage and family even stronger. Second, they need to be willing to share their positive, hopeful experience of marriage with others. Couples need to overcome their fear of setting themselves up as an example. We need examples. I think that married people standing around the water cooler unnecessarily complaining about their spouse just to ‘fit in’ do almost as much to undermine the culture of marriage as anything else…. If a couple or family needs help, then by all means get it, but if you’re happy in your marriage…the world needs to hear from you.” (Greg Popcak, Exceptional Marriages for Normal People, Nov. 10, 2006.)

Let Your Light Shine

Without being self-righteous or prideful allowing others to see the love you have for your spouse and the joy you feel in your marriage is one of the ways you can let your light shine, inspire confidence, and restore some of the luster to the institution of marriage.

Being a marriage advocate and educator on how to create a happy marriage can help others restore their faith in marriage, and help them find greater happiness in their own marriages. You need not be a perfect couple with a perfect marriage in order to help others strengthen their marriages.

It’s difficult to create a happy marriage if you haven’t seen, nor had any personal experience with “thriving” couples. Many people do not even know what it really takes to find happiness in marriage. To assist you in helping you have a happy or happier marriage, check out part 2 of this post — How to Thrive in Marriage.

Happy Wives Club

If you are a happily married wife, be sure to join the Happy Wives Club founded by my friend Fawn Weaver and her husband!

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  • klover January 13, 2014 at 12:32 pm


    I hope church leaders and parents have listened to your counsel and will more effectively teach these powerful, enlightening concepts. My wife and I have struggled severely in our sexual intimacy due to unbalanced teaching throughout our youth. I want to shout from the rooftops that virtue is as much as, if not more than, “I do” than “I don’t”!

    I hope church leaders and parents are listening and changing their teaching; I am curious to know for our children’s teaching in the church.

    Thank you again for your empowering teaching!

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