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  • Gross Out Your Kids

    Gross Out Your Kids

    One of the best things you can do for your kids is to love each other as their mother and father! : ) This picture is a fun reminder that while kids may sometimes act “grossed out” by the love and affection you have for

    on Nov 19, 2012 • with 1 Comment

  • Take Her with You—Flat Wife

    Take Her with You—Flat Wife

    Take Her with You — Flat Wife! A spouse’s business trips away from home can be a real concern for a lot of couples! Knowing of the easy potential for thoughts and activities to lead away from one’s spouse and family, I loved the idea shared by

    on Nov 14, 2012 • with 1 Comment

  • Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Gathering Place for Addiction Recovery Tools & Resources Originally my intention was to send an email with a variety of attached files to a bunch of my clients to share many of the helpful tools and handouts I use in helping people overcome compulsive/ addictive behavior. That email didn’t even

    on Nov 12, 2012 • with 3 Comments

  • Emotional Foreplay — Dating Divas Tele-Seminar

    Emotional Foreplay — Dating Divas Tele-Seminar

    “The Dating Divas” SPECIAL — $9 for Laura’s book  And They Were Not Ashamed–Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment (only thru Fri 9/28 at 12 midnight MST)! Below are the presentation slides for Laura’s “Emotional Foreplay” tele-seminar for The Dating Divas Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat. You’ll also find (below the

    on Sep 26, 2012 • with No Comments

  • Strengthening Marriage Partners —

    Strengthening Marriage Partners —

    Because was having a fabulous giveaway of some fun intimacy-inducing items for OUR Facebook fans, we wanted to know what was behind all their enthusiastic support of and our marriage-strengthening efforts! So, here is Heidie Lee’s story and her journey of creating the online store

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  • Vacuuming Naked

    Vacuuming Naked

      You Did What?! *Candace had been struggling with body image issues for some time. We had worked on it quite a bit in both individual and couples therapy sessions, and she was making good progress. She looked like someone you’d think would feel great

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  • Happy 50th Anniversary — to My Parents

    Happy 50th Anniversary — to My Parents

    Congratulations to my dad and mom, Ed and Margaret Mason, for 50 years of marriage! That’s quite a wonderful accomplishment! On my parents’ 29th anniversary (July 19, 1991) Kevin and I were married, so today (July 19, 2012) marks the 50th anniversary of my parents&#

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  • Celebrating 21 Years with My Sweetheart

    Celebrating 21 Years with My Sweetheart

    In honor of 21 years of marriage to my sweetheart, Kevin Brotherson, I’ve gathered some of our couple/anniversary photos throughout the years (2012 – 1991) to share with you. You’ll also find a link to some fun marriage tradition ideas below to help you celebrate your

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  • Wedding Anniversary Traditions

    Wedding Anniversary Traditions

        With so many weddings and anniversaries happening during the summer months, it’s a good idea to have a few traditions to help you honor and celebrate your marriage and wedding anniversary. What wedding/marriage traditions do you have? We’d love to add to our list, but

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  • Tingles for Someone Who’s Not Your Spouse

    Tingles for Someone Who’s Not Your Spouse

    We wanted to share the following “Monthly Marriage Tips” from our friends at The National Healthy Marriage Institute! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Healthy Marriage Tip — Attraction to Someone Who is Not Your Spouse The National Healthy Marriage Institute The last two monthly marriage tips have been on

    on Jul 10, 2012 • with No Comments

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