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  • Open Forum 1 Discussions

    Open Forum 1 Discussions

    Welcome to our “Open Forum 1” discussion page! This has been the place (up until June 29, 2009) to post your questions and comments and have an open dialogue about subjects related to marriage, sex, intimacy and parenting. To create new discussion posts please visit

    on Aug 14, 2007 • with 147 Comments

  • Glenn Beck, Chick Flicks and Foreplay

    Glenn Beck, Chick Flicks and Foreplay

    My husband and I had a hilariously fun time at a Glenn Beck show when he was in town a while back. That guy cracks me up! Glenn Beck has a TV show on CNN and a talk radio show as well. His show was

    on Jul 25, 2007 • with 13 Comments

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