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  • Success Story #8 — Bridling and Surrender (HIS)

    Success Story #8 — Bridling and Surrender (HIS)

    Bridling and Surrender — Success Story #8 — Strengthening (Sexual Success Stories…from “HIS” Perspective) Something that’s helped me to re-learn to bridle my sexuality was remembering back to when I initially fell in love with my wife. Even just holding her hand would make my heart

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  • 2016 AMCAP Convention

    2016 AMCAP Convention

     Presentation by Laura M. Brotherson: “Fuel for Female Desire and Arousal: Clinical Applications for Addressing Female Desire and Arousal Difficulties” 2016 AMCAP Convention (Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists) Theme: “Integration: Mind, Body, Spirit” Thursday, Sept 29 – Friday, Sept 30, 2016 Joseph Smith Memorial

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  • It’s Official — Laura Certifies as a Sex Therapist

    It’s Official — Laura Certifies as a Sex Therapist

    Well, it’s official! After completing many additional clinical, educational and therapeutic experience requirements including over 200 hours of additional graduate-level sexology coursework, more than four post-graduate years of clinical work doing sex therapy, and two references by current ABS members, I am officially a Board

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  • MM Video #003 — Focus on Fixing Yourself

    MM Video #003 — Focus on Fixing Yourself

    Want to know how to fix your spouse?! This is the key! Fix yourself! That’s what brings about change in your spouse. Couples spend a lot of time trying to fix their spouse, but it’s not terribly effective and causes a lot of personal frustration

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  • Top 100 Marriage & Family Therapy Website

    Top 100 Marriage & Family Therapy Website

    Strengthening was thrilled to be chosen as one of the top 100 helpful sites for marriage and family therapy by As stated on their site: Many successful Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) maintain websites for their practices to find new clients and participate

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  • Make Your Marriage Even Better—How I Can Help

    Make Your Marriage Even Better—How I Can Help

    With the New Year beginning we have some exciting new services coming! Below is an overview of the Counseling Services I currently offer as well as my Self-Help Educational Products. I hope you will find some options here that can help you make your marriage better

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  • Infidelity Resources

    Infidelity Resources

    Infidelity Resources — Preventing and Healing from Affairs The following are some of my recommended resources for preventing affairs and healing from infidelity. Feel free to leave your suggestions below if you have other good resources to recommend and I’ll check them out! Websites After

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  • LDS Bishops — Suggested Resources

    LDS Bishops — Suggested Resources

    Training for Bishops As a marriage and family therapist and active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was recently asked to help with a training meeting for some of our local LDS Bishops. It was a little surprising to find

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  • Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Gathering Place for Addiction Recovery Tools & Resources Originally my intention was to send an email with a variety of attached files to a bunch of my clients to share many of the helpful tools and handouts I use in helping people overcome compulsive/ addictive behavior. That email didn’t even

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  • Vacuuming Naked

    Vacuuming Naked

      You Did What?! *Candace had been struggling with body image issues for some time. We had worked on it quite a bit in both individual and couples therapy sessions, and she was making good progress. She looked like someone you’d think would feel great

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