Success Story #8 — Bridling and Surrender (HIS)

Bridling and Surrender — Success Story #8 — Strengthening

(Sexual Success Stories…from “HIS” Perspective)

Something that’s helped me to re-learn to bridle my sexuality was remembering back to when I initially fell in love with my wife. Even just holding her hand would make my heart race, and no sex was needed to feel completely connected to her.

I recall being happy and content to just be by her side, either going for a walk, talking over dinner, or kissing a bit, or a lot! I think I had lost some of that within marriage and it was putting a damper on our intimate relationship.

I realized that I needed to get back to that point where I could love her for who she is rather than just because she is my sexual partner.

Can I Live Without

Another thought that helped me strive to be successfully bridled was realizing that at any moment everything could change, either through a car accident or ill health, which would make sex physically impossible. I wanted to learn to live happily without sex even, in case at some point I woke up and had to live without it. The Boy Scout motto is be prepared!

I’m Grateful

And last, but not least, I called my dad who I trust and seems happily married. I thought perhaps he might give me some good advice in my struggles to learn to bridle and surrender, so that I could take the pressure off my wife sexually.

He is the only one I have talked with about my marital problems other than our counselor, and it was just this one time. I emotionally told him that my marriage was falling apart and that my wife and I had not had sex for months. And that she was pulling further away.

He responded, I have not had sex for years! I stopped whining right then and there.


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