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Guys, is it too much to ask to just wear your wedding ring? It’s such a little thing, but it means a lot! I wonder if it might have helped even a little here! I couldn’t find a single picture of Tiger Woods with his ring on…

It’s true Tiger Woods didn’t cheat because he wasn’t wearing a ring. Wearing a wedding ring is symbolic of a mental state. It has an effect on the mind — the mind of the wearer as well as any onlookers. The mind is where adultery begins. I’m just suggesting that it’s a good idea to wear our wedding rings if at all possible.

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  • JustGettingBy December 18, 2009 at 9:40 am

    Well my opinion on the question, “Guys, is it too much to ask to just wear your wedding ring?” is that it is not too much to ask. I try to wear mine almost all the time. I don’t wear it when I am working around the house or camping (where I am afraid I might lose it – again), but other than that – I wear it all the time making sure I have it on when I go out in public. When I put my ring on it often reminds me of the commitment I have made and how lucky I am.

  • sadandlonely December 18, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    I used to have to take mine off daily for work when I was in the military, but haven’t taken it off since 1990. Mind you, that was 50 pounds and 19 years ago. My finger started to go numb, but I couldn’t get my ring off. I ended up having it cut off and it is being resized. My finger looks so naked and out of place! I can’t wait to get it back next week. For me, it is constant reminder of the commitment I made 24 years ago and while things aren’t great, I am still committed. Perhaps with my finger always tingling and numb, the reminder was more apparent!

  • whyknot December 23, 2009 at 12:22 am

    I am one that hasn’t worn a ring much. I did when we were first married for years. It finally got too small and so I took it off. It was a long time before I got it resized and started to wear it again. When I did, it really started to chap my finger and I had to take it back off to let my finger heal. I also found that I was taking it off alot due to working around the house. It just wasn’t comfortable. When playing golf or swimming I take it off because it is not comfortable and during swimming it wants to fall off. I just would forget to put it back on when finished. I finally just gave up wearing one. A few years ago I bought a new one myself and now wear it more often. Plus while working at one job, it was required to not wear any jewelry for safety reasons including any rings. So it was just easier to not wear one at all so I wouldn’t forget. For safety training, they would show us pictures of fingers that had been torn off due to wearing a ring or been severly burned from electrical arcing to the ring. So they were serious about no jewelry. I can understand why Tiger doesn’t wear a ring to golf. So you may find me wearing a ring some of the time. Just not all the time. DW has had to take hers off for awhile due to medical reasons. She also lost her ring and it took ahile to afford a replacement. She does prefer to wear one and tries to all the time. But just the other day she mentioned she had forgotton her ring and I had mine on. We laughed at the change in conditions since this very rarely happens.

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