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Laura was interviewed by Jim Mock, professor of Human Sexuality in the department of Family Life and Human Development at Southern Utah University (SUU). They had a great discussion for his class about issues relating to marital intimacy and talking to our kids about sexuality.

The following are some of the questions discussed in their engaging conversation. Click here to join in and watch the full interview.

 Questions for SUU Human Sexuality Course Video Interview with Laura M. Brotherson

1.  You recently wrote a book, Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage that focuses on improving woman’s sexuality within marriage.  Why was this book important to write?

2. What are some of the common mistakes women make in approaching their own sexuality?

3. What mistakes do you see husbands making, when it comes to sexuality with their wives?

4. For that newly married couple, what should a husband and wife be aware of when transitioning to be becoming sexually intimate?

5. Probably one of the more common areas that couples struggle with is being in different places when it comes to libido.  A Husband or wife is not always on the same page when it comes to sexual interest.  What’s your response to the wife (or husband) who says, “This is who I am, I just don’t have as much interest in sex.”   And really feels that it’s just part of their biological makeup.

6. In your book, you make it a point that couples should take the time to build up their sexual skills.  Why do you feel that is so important?  How does a couple go about doing this?

7. I really appreciate that you stress the importance of “Talk” in your book.  How do you help a couple get past one of the major obstacles of sexuality — communication — wherein many people feel uncomfortable discussing their sexual needs?

8. Considering that there are egos on the line, how should spouses go about discussing what they need sexually?

9. Speaking more to the couples who have been married for a number of years, what would you tell the couple who feels like they’re stuck in a rut?

10. As you discussed in your book Knowing HER Intimately, women in particular need to have trust in their relationship in order to feel safe sexually.  How does a couple come back from a sexual betrayal such as pornography or infidelity?

11. I loved the concept of the “The Good Girl Syndrome” discussed in your previous book, And They Were Not Ashamed: Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment.  Tell us more about this idea and how women can overcome it.

12. Your first book is written to a religious audience and in religious circles we often have a hard time walking that fine line between giving positive messages about sexuality while still preaching restraint. Unfortunately, we’ve often relied on shaming techniques.  How do you feel religious communities could doing a better job of providing more positive messages about sexuality, particularly moving away from shame?

13. What about the messages parents often give to their children?  What do you see as some of the negative messages about sex parents are giving their children?

14. Parents may sometimes inadvertently provide very different messages to their daughters than they do for their sons with regard to sexuality.  As a father or mother, how do I give my daughter positive messages about sexuality?

15. What messages about sex should I be giving my son?

16. Is there anything else I should be doing as a parent, to help my children transition into sex when they get married and become sexually active?

17. Is there anything else you feel my students should know?

CLICK HERE — to join in and watch the full interview.

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