What I Love about Husbands

I’ve been noticing some of the pretty great things about husbands, and thought I’d start keeping a list, so here it is:

  • I love that they’ll walk on water for you if you’ll just treat them right.
  • I love that they’ll kill creepy, crawly spiders for you, so you don’t have to!
  • I love how they aren’t afraid to be men!
  • I love their football, trucks and testosterone!
  • I love how they are at your mercy when you light their fire!
  • I love how they look at you when you know you are the only one they can see in that moment!
  • I love how they seem to add simplicity to the mix with women.
  • I love that they’ll talk about relationship stuff and emotions and such–even when they’d really rather not!
  • I love how they get wrapped around the finger of their daughters.
  • I love that they’ll let themselves be vulnerable sometimes!
  • I love their ability to resist temptation and do the right thing–especially when it’s difficult–and even when no one is looking!
  • I love how they can surprise you with their willingness to take responsibility for changing their part in relationship difficulties.
  • I love that they are different than wives!
  • I love that their sheer presence can make you feel safe and secure

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