“How We Met” Story #7 — Ed & Margaret


Ed and Margaret

Married 47 years

How We Met


Margaret was just a young 15-year-old girl in my church congregation up in Calgary, Alberta when I first joined the LDS Church back in 1956 at the age of 19. Several years later Margaret was back in Calgary after a year at BYU, and I was just back from my three-year mission to Europe for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My friend Sam Longbotham and I were walking into a church youth dance late, and encountered a now grown up Margaret, just home from her freshman year at BYU. Her and her brother Dennis were leaving the dance early, as Dennis had a headache. After a passing “Hello,” I said it was too bad she was leaving or I would have danced with her. We went our separate ways…almost!

Sam and I went on into the dance, but Dennis’s headache somehow got cured, and they ended up back at the dance also. Having already committed myself, I asked Margaret to dance. We’ve been dancing togetherever since — eight kids, 24 grandkids and almost 50 years later.

What We Do to Strengthen Our Marriage


It can probably be said that two people living in close proximity, day in and day out, just might encounter some differences and disagreements. We strive to practice being imperturbable, overlooking little things that may annoy, trying not to impose our will on the other!

Believing that our relationship is more important than remembering to leave the toilet seat up, or down, or whatever allows us to be each other’s best friend. Staying close to our Heavenly Father counts for a lot in building a strong marriage as well! Seeing ourselves as a “forever family” helps keep us going.

Other things we do to strengthen our marriage are to hold hands while watching some of Margaret’s collection of 4000 plus classic movies. I also make it a point to give her a hug and kiss every day without fail, so she knows she’s still my best friend and I love her! We even go biking or go for a run together occasionally now that I’ve become a Geriatric Roadrunner!

dad-laura-08-180pix.jpgLAURA’S NOTE: This is my cute dad and mom! I’m proud of them for keeping things together for nearly 50 years! That’s quite a huge accomplishment in today’s society! Love ya Mom and Dad! Thanks for sharing your story.


This is one of the “How We Met” stories featured here on “Laura’s Strengthening Marriage Blog.” You can enter to win a Romantic Getaway to The Anniversary Inn by sending us a favorite photo of you and your spouse, and/or a wedding or engagement photo, by Saturday, February 14th, 2009. Tell us the story of how you met, how many years you’ve been married, plus something you do to strengthen your marriage (500 words or less). Send your photo and story here.


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