Honeymoon Story — He Focused on Me


Honeymoon Happy Story

Our honeymoon was fabulous! After 30 years of marriage I still look back on our first night with very fond memories, that bring a smile to my face AND our sex life is still going strong!  

I have to give credit to my husband. His dad had a great conversation with him before our wedding night.  His counsel was not to rush anything or feel pressure, but to just go slow and enjoy each other. He reminded my husband that we would have many nights together, so take it slow. You’ve seen and probably teach the sexual analogy of the microwave (men) versus the crockpot (women). That’s what he was getting at. 

He Focused on My Pleasure

My husband’s focus was to please and pleasure me, not satisfy himself.  In the end it was a wonderful, satisfying experience for us both.  We spent the rest of our honeymoon ‘getting to know each other.’  Open communication for us was key. 

We were also blessed with parents who talked openly about sex and how special it was. Even though it grossed us out when we were kids, I believe those healthy discussions made a difference in our experience too.  We’ve done our best to pass that perspective on to our married children who have shared their resources with their friends. 

Bringing Light to the Subject

The world is trying to take something sacred and beautiful and keep it dark and carnal.  I say we fight back, by bringing light to this
subject and educating ourselves, so that satisfying sexual intimacy is part of the foundation to a successful marriage.  

We’ve heard some of the honeymoon horror stories and have done our best to educate our married children and others we care about.  In addition to your book on CD, one of the other books we give as a wedding gift is “The Act of Marriage” by Tim LaHaye.  Keep up the good work on bringing light to a sacred subject that was designed to be pleasurable for both husband and wife and to strengthen marriages. What a great gift God has given us! 

Keep up the good work!


Share Your Honeymoon Stories

We’re excited to gather and share happy honeymoon stories, as well as honeymoon horror stories. We hope to provide some important information to better prepare couples for a positive and fulfilling honeymoon experience, and a better beginning to their sexual relationship.

Those who send in the first 10 honeymoon stories will receive a free copy of our Love 101: Learning to Love More Meaningfully CD and a $25 off coupon to The Anniversary Inn for any suite, any night! So, act fast to get these great gifts!

Whether your honeymoon was happy, or kind of horrible, we’d love to hear what you learned, and what you recommend others do or not do in order to have a great sexual start in their marriage.

Simply email the stories to us with “Honeymoon Story” on the subject line and your real name and address somewhere in the email so we can mail you your CD and gift certificate. Please keep them brief and anonymous (change names or identifying info). We especially hope you will share at least a few things you did well in anticipation of your honeymoon, and/or a few things you’d recommend to couples to help them be better prepared. The stories will be posted here on our website.

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