Dating Divas “Marriage Bundle” – July 20th

The Dating Divas “Marriage Bundle”

~ 7 Days Only!! ~

July 20-26, 2020

All The Best Marriage Resources in ONE Place!

Sexual climax for her is not as automatic as some may assume. The big “O” is elusive for many women. To make matters worse, couples are hesitant to seek help when difficulties in this area arise. That’s why we are so excited to be a part of The Dating Divas Marriage Bundle!

We’ve collaborated with The Dating Divas and the top marriage sites & experts to put the very best marriage courses, ebooks, and printables all in one place! These are tried-and-true resources to make marriage easier, more connected … and a lot more fun!

Laura’s contribution to The Dating Divas “Marriage Bundle” is Chapter 20 – “How to Work Through Orgasm Difficulties” from Laura’s latest book From Honeymoon to Happily Ever After: 23 Keys to Prepare for a Sextraordinary MarriageLaura provides valuable insights on this delicate but important element of the sexual relationship helping any couple work through orgasm difficulties! This is “must-have” information to experience the exultant ecstasy available in the sexual dimension of marriage. Laura covers topics such as:

  • Marriage Can Be an “Exultant Ecstasy”
  • Orgasm and the Female Mind
  • Figuring Out What Works for You
  • Other Factors Affecting Orgasm
  • …and so much more!

Mark you Calendar as this will only be available for ONE WEEK starting Monday, July 20th (through July 26th).

Note: Discount will be applied after adding to cart and clicking “Check Out”

Get yourself a copy of the rest of this bookFrom Honeymoon to Happily Ever After at

“Marriage Bundle” – Now Available!!!

If this all sounds too good to be true, that’s because it might just be! We can’t keep this crazy deal around forever, folks. It’s just THAT good. So you HAVE to ACT FAST! You see that lovely little timer below? Well, it’s ticking down! And when it hits zero, this deal DISAPPEARS!!

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Worth Over $200, NOW only $20!

We’re NOT KIDDING! We’re talking everything you need to strengthen your marriage and amp up the romance! Sexy conversation starters, a couple’s journal, a year of dates, access to one of the leading marriage apps, a communication workshop and MORE! You’re waiting for the catch, right? Well, there is a teeny, tiny one; you’ll have to ACT FAST…

This deal only lasts for SEVEN DAYS!

How The Marriage Bundle Works

This is a 7-day sale where you can buy and SAVE BIG for a limited time only. If you wait too long (after the 26th at midnight MDT), this deal will be gone FOREVER!

Be sure to get the BEST price by using our link that SLASHES the bundle from it’s normal $35 price tag to just $20!! (Guys- that’s the value of just ONE of the contributions!!) But remember, you have to ACT FAST. These products in this bundle at this price is only good until July 26th at MIDNIGHT. After that, it’s gone for good and if you want any of the products alone, you can only get them on their original websites at their original prices.

What’s Included

The Marriage Bundle is full of practical tools, systems, secrets, and resources to improve your marriage. In fact, three of the resources alone combine to cost almost $100 when sold separately. What’s even better is that once you have access to all of this, you can pace yourself and go through it on your own timeline. No rushing or no overwhelm, just a crazy good deal for you and your sweetie to strengthen your relationship on your own terms. Guys, this deal is INSANE! Just take a look:

  • Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage Workshop
  • Get Your Marriage On! Live Event Videos
  • Help for Orgasm Difficulties
  • 25 Minutes to a Better Marriage
  • 40 Conversations About Sex
  • Couples Unity Building Journal
  • The Marriage Refresher Workbook
  • 31 Day Intimacy Calendar
  • Year of Movie Dates
  • AND MORE! (See all the goods below!)

NORMAL PRICE = Over $200!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

A Closer Look At What’s Included

At this point, you should be DYING to know what exactly is available in these incredible, steal-of-a-deal bundle! Below we’ve listed out in detail each and every product that is available, including pictures and a link back to the original source for even more info. You don’t have to take our word for it that this is an incredible offer, just check it out for yourself!

1. Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage by Engaged Marriage – Learn how to rekindle the intimacy in your marriage through better communication, in all forms, so that you can connect the way you desire. This step-by-step, actionable workshop with Dr. Corey Allan and Dustin Riechmann will unlock deeper intimacy in your marriage (talking optional)… and includes access to two incredible bonus ebooks on communication for married couples.

2. Get Your Marriage On! 2019 Live Event Videos by Get Your Marriage On! – Get Your Marriage On! is a fun & upbeat live event for married couples. Boost your marriage with entertaining & informative info from seven of the best in the world, including Sheila Wray Gregoire, Laura M. Brotherson, Dr. Debi Gilmore, Dr. Dave Schramm, and others! This gives you access to the video recordings from the November 2019 live event.

3. Working Through Orgasm Difficulties by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST – Sexual climax for her is not as automatic as some may assume. The big “O” is elusive for many women. To make matters worse, couples are hesitant to seek help when difficulties in this area arise. With this chapter, certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson, provides valuable insights on this delicate but important element of the sexual relationship helping any couple work through orgasm difficulties! This is “must-have” information to experience the exultant ecstasy available in the sexual dimension of marriage. Get yourself a copy of the rest of this book – From Honeymoon to Happily Ever After at

4. 25 Minutes to a Better Marriage by Christian Marriage Adventures – Are you ready to reclaim quality time in your marriage? Mike + Carlie Kercheval of Christian Marriage Adventures™ have created a 5-day challenge that will get you and your spouse on the same page, giving each other the undivided attention you desire (and deserve!). The 25 Minutes to a Better Marriage Challenge has helped thousands of couples reprioritize one another amidst the chaos of daily life. Get ready to experience a spark in your marriage!

5. Pillow Talk: 40 Conversations About Sex for Married Couples by Hot, Holy, Humorous – How can you experience sizzling and satisfying sex in your marriage if you can’t even talk about it? Yet couples often struggle to understand their spouse and discuss their sex life. Getting the conversation started can be awkward, create more confusion, or result in conflict. Pillow Talk: 40 Conversations about Sex for Married Couples provides the right framework for productive communication on a myriad of issues, from physical health to building trust to sexual fantasies. Learn how to ask questions, listen, and converse in a way that will avoid arguments and promote understanding and intimacy. Each chapter introduces a topic, presents questions to ask one another, outlines a biblical viewpoint on the subject, and concludes with action steps to help your progress sink in. From bestselling Christian sex author, blogger, and podcaster J. Parker, of Hot, Holy & Humorous, Pillow Talk will help your marriage bed move from awkward to amazing!

6. Deeper Love: Skills for a More Mindful Marriage by Dr. Matt Townsend– In this 2-hour presentation, Matt Townsend teaches how to create a deeper, more mindful marriage, along with many other character-building skills and tools. You will laugh one minute and be moved the next minute as you learn to improve your marriage!

NORMAL PRICE = Over $200!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

(Beginning Monday, July 20th!)

7. Couple’s Unity Building Journal by Awesome Marriage by Awesome Marriage – Do you feel like you and your spouse aren’t as unified, as you’d like? Or maybe your marriage has some areas that could use some refining? It’s time to get on the same page! Awesome Marriage created a tool that will help you get synced up with your spouse in all the important areas. The Couple’s Unity Building Journal’ resource is a 23 page PDF, with 9 sections on common areas where marriages may have struggles. Each section has questions for you to reflect on, pray about, answer, and then discuss with your spouse. Get closer by getting more unified on the things that matter!

8. The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples by Love & Life Toolbox – Are you and your spouse suffering from marriage disconnect? Re-strengthen your relationship foundation and get back on track with The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples. Let relationship expert and therapist Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT be your guide with her DIY guide.

9. Naked Marriage: Uncovering Who You Are And Who You Can Be Together by Dr. Corey Allan – What if marriage were designed for a specific purpose? What if some of the problems faced in marriage are not meant to be solved, they’re meant to be lived through? Because many people don’t understand what marriage is and could be, they hide from each other. To keep the peace, they continue the charades, each spouse reluctantly believing, “I guess this is just how it’s supposed to be.” Consequently, they refuse to get naked with each other in all of that word’s scary yet glorious permutations: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Naked Marriage encourages you to find yourself and fully reveal yourself, so you and your marriage can become fully alive.

10. First Book: Forgive U: From the School of Hard Knocks to the University of 70×7 by Messy Marriage – Are you struggling to forgive someone in your life? Then “Forgive U” is the book for you! This resource clears up what forgiveness is and is not; what’s necessary to really forgive; seven common myths about forgiveness; as well as explaining how to forgive and move forward. It will leave you clearheaded and equipped for the daunting task of letting your anger go and living free! Are you and your spouse drifting apart or simply want to grow together spiritually? Beth of offers a couple’s devotional—Before You Snore or Go Out the Door—that will do just that in less than 10 minutes a day. It is designed to be a quick and easy way to engage not only with scripture but with each other! You’ll find questions that stir discussion, applications that encourage stretching and growth, as well as ideas for how to pray for the focus of the day. It will encourage you personally, as well as drawing you to your mate!

11. Becoming Better Together: The RAM Plan for Growing Together When Life is Pulling You Apart E-book by My Love Thinks – Becoming Better Together is based on a live course that has been taught to over half a million people worldwide. The RAM plan taught in this e-book has been proven to increase relationship satisfaction, communication, closeness, sexual intimacy, as well as lower the divorce rate in communities where the live version was taught. But now, you can access all of this practical and life-changing information right from your device!

12. Ultimate Intimacy Spicy Invites/Notes & 31 Day Intimacy Calendar by Ultimate Intimacy– We believe many couples are looking for something fun and exciting to keep their love life and passion thriving (we were one of them!). Why? Sex is AMAZING for both men and women, and is incredibly bonding! Isn’t that part of God’s design, to bring man and woman closer together, to help each other be one and whole? Using the 31 Day Ultimate Intimacy Calendar and printing these fun Ultimate Intimacy spicy invites you can leave your spouse daily, you will have tons of fun ideas to rekindle the passion! Don’t forget to download the free Ultimate Intimacy App which also includes hundreds of fun ways to spice up your marriage!

13. Year of Movie Dates by The Dating Divas – This is a series of 12 dates, giving you tons of fun ways to take your movie night to the next level. Choose from romantic and funny activities, sexy ideas, a few treats, and a big list of movie titles to help make the movie-picking easier. Each of these 12 date night movie ideas is based on a specific genre, so throughout the year, you’ll make sure to see a variety of films to appease BOTH of your tastes. You can even wrap it up into an adorable movie gift basket to give to your spouse or another lucky couple!

14. BONUS: Married And Naked Date Night Questions Bundle by Married & Naked– Struggling to figure out what to do on date night? Looking for something fun that helps bring you and your spouse closer? The Date Night Questions Bundle is the answer! It includes four fun date night questions printables. Each printable includes 20 different questions. Print one to take with you on your next date night! That’s fun and entertainment at your fingertips for your next 4 date nights! Laugh, learn, and connect with these fun questions.


#1- It’s only available for SEVEN DAYS!

#2- After midnight MDT on Sunday, July 26th, this deal is gone FOREVER!

What are you waiting for?!


NORMAL PRICE = Over $200!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35

TODAY ONLY $20 (That’s over 90% OFF!)


(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

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