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  • Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Porn-Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

    Gathering Place for Addiction Recovery Tools & Resources Originally my intention was to send an email with a variety of attached files to a bunch of my clients to share many of the helpful tools and handouts I use in helping people overcome compulsive/ addictive behavior. That email didn’t even

    on Nov 12, 2012 • with 3 Comments

  • Yay for Date Night!—Quotes & Resources

    Yay for Date Night!—Quotes & Resources

    It’s Friday night. Do you have some plans for date night with your spouse?! It need not be expensive, just something to give you a chance to reconnect after a long week. It’s also great for emotional foreplay for both husband and wife! : )

    on Dec 9, 2011 • with No Comments

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