When Kids Grow Up They Want to Be . . . Happily Married!

Happy Family photo “Popular thinking dictates that most children want to be astronauts or rock stars when they grow up. But it seems in reality their aspirations are far more down to earth. The most common childhood dream was to be happily married with a family . . . “

What can we as parents do to help our children fulfill their dreams of having a happy marriage and family? One thing would be to do our best to show them what a happy marriage looks like, as we go about creating a happy family. Kids who are raised in happy families have an easier time creating a happy family of their own. If your marriage isn’t happy, get some help to learn how to turn it around.

As you are raising your children help them develop the characteristics and skills that make it easier for them to be a good husband and father or wife and mother. Help your children develop patience and unselfishness. Help them learn to see things through someone else’s eyes.

Help them learn how to communicate their wants and needs and feelings. Help them learn how to serve others willingly and to find fulfillment in hard work. Help them learn to make sacrifices to help others.

Sometimes I find myself saying things to my children like, “Boy, your future wife/husband is going to love how helpful you are,” or “Aren’t you glad you know how to work, so that you’ll be a good parent when you grow up?” These and other comments help reinforce attitudes and behaviors that can lead them to create happier marriages.

Having a happy-marriage focus for your children as you raise them will help them be better prepared to fulfill their dreams of having a happy marriage and family when they grow up.

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“Forget astronaut dreams, most kids just want a happy marriage”

By Colin Fernandez, September 10, 2007

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