Horsepower Will Never Compare!

Horsepower-ViperI recently received a fun email from a friend. In the course of discussion about a product he is working on he made the statement, “But horsepower will never compare with what you sell.” After thinking about it, I realized he was right. All the power tools and toys a man can buy will never compare with the sexually satisfying relationship men seek with their wives. So, what am I selling? I’m selling sexually vibrant, emotionally engaged, and spiritually bonded marriages. I’m selling what I believe we are all longing for. I’m selling the real thing, as opposed to the many superficial counterfeits we often chase, but that never really satisfy. I’m selling the idea that such a marriage is possible. I hope I’m selling the encouragement and motivation necessary for couples to do the work that will create such an intimate existence in their marriages.

My friend wittingly mentioned the shock-waves that go through men at the thought of their wives attending a conference where I’m speaking, or of them reading our book in hopes of getting a glimmer of extra action in their marriages….!

This is where we might be able to see sex as a form of horsepower that motivates most men. It’s really no different than a woman’s motivating horsepower being emotional connection — except that we tend to label sex as being less worthy of our consideration.

Both men and women have powerful drives that can move them forward toward what I believe is personal wholeness and marital oneness. This is what I’m trying to sell. It’s not that this state of being is necessarily easy, but it is worth the effort!!!

I want every husband in the world to feel like he is the luckiest man alive. I want every wife in the world to feel like she is the luckiest woman alive. I want men and women to understand what makes their spouse tick, and to become masters at merging their hearts and souls together. I want husbands and wives to be sexually alive and satisfied. I want them to be emotionally intimate and spiritually connected. There IS nothing that compares. It’s what I believe God has in mind for each of us.

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