Understanding Your Husband’s Psyche


Relationship Coach Matt Townsend shares some great tips for better understanding and romancing your man on his KSL “Studio 5” television appearance. If you want to better understand the male psyche check out this hilarious video clip!

Two of the key points are:

  • Men bond through activity/action. Women bond through conversation.
  • When wives aren’t happy, their husbands take it as a personal affront to how good of a husband they are.

Additional points about men, romance and their psyche:

  • Men are simple.
  • Men are visual creatures.
  • Men prefer action versus dialogue.
  • Men prefer touch over talk.
  • Men prefer positive talk, so their ego doesn’t get triggered. (Negative talk means they are failing as a husband.)
  • Men prefer solutions not problems.
  • Men prefer to be solo versus social. (They want to go out with just you not a bunch of people.)
  • Men prefer to relax, so they don’t have to react.
  • Men prefer to do one thing versus multiple things at once.
  • Men prefer to be simple versus complex.
  • Men need choice in their lives.
  • Men do care. They just care differently.
  • Sex is how men feel close to their spouse. It works better than anything else.
  • Men prefer consistent and predictable. Affectionate. Unconditional. Accepting. (Like their dog…man’s best friend.)
  • Nothing is sexier to a man than a truly happy wife. Men equate a happy wife to them being a great husband.
  • Men want women to:
    • Look happier, sound happier, be happier! (When women aren’t happy men feel like a failure.)
    • Smile once in a while
    • Be grateful for what they do have
    • Be positive about their life…talk about what is good in life.
    • Be less critical.
    • Reassure the husband that he’s doing a good job.
    • Not try to change him. Let husbands know they are great just the way they are.
    • Tell them how thankful they are for him. Cuddle with them whenever you can. Kiss them when they get home.
    • Tell them you’re attracted to them.
    • Respect them.

Click here to check out Laura’s “Studio 5” appearance discussing “Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Wives.”

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  • SimplySweetMarriage February 18, 2009 at 1:50 am

    Thanks for posting this! As a woman, I had a pretty good chuckle about how obvious these are, but so easy to forget!

    I think that now that I have accepted my own sexual self, the list above doesn’t seem all that odd..I love how Heavenly Father created men and women to fit together like a puzzle, not only physically but in every way.

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