“How We Met” Story #14 — Robbie & Natalie


Robbie and Natalie

Married 1 Year

Our Story

My husband’s family moved into my neighborhood and church boundaries when I was in third grade. He always seemed too old for me because he is three years older than I am. I remember I thought he was really cute though, when I would see him at church.

I remember him leaving on a mission for our church, and I remember him coming back too. He had no clue I was in existence until he came home from his mission and saw me in the Young Single Adults class. I was just barely graduating from high school at the time. He thought I was cute and went home and asked his dad who the girl with brown hair was in the single adults’ class.

The next summer (a year after he first realized I was alive) I came home from the singles ward I was going to and went to my home ward activities. I knew Robbie had to go to those, because he was the Young Single Adult chair person in our home ward at church. The leaders made sure he came to the activities…just for me. (It was a conspiracy from the start.)

Finally he asked me out July 15th and we went to the Zoo on a day date. After that, we would watch movies together and then we had to see each other every day. Since we lived literally a 30 second drive away from each other, it was easy to see each other every day.

The church members loved feeling like they were a part of our romance, and a year and a half later we were married. We have now been married one year and almost two months, December 19th is our anniversary.


What We Do to Strengthen Our Marriage

We have been reading “And They Were Not Ashamed” since we got married. Since I had the “Good Girl Syndrome” we have had to really work on the sexual fulfillment in our marriage. This has been one of our biggest struggles. We have committed to find more time for each other.

Since we had read the book we knew we needed to start fixing this now and not years down the road. We have found that prayer has helped this aspect, as well as other aspects of our life together.

We are also trying to plan a getaway, even though we may not have much money. We know that time together is very important. Little date nights also go miles to strengthen our marriage. Each weekend we have a date night to relax, laugh, and just talk.


This is one of the “How We Met” stories featured here on “Laura’s Strengthening Marriage Blog.” You can enter to win a Romantic Getaway to The Anniversary Inn by sending us a favorite photo of you and your spouse, and/or a wedding or engagement photo, by Saturday, February 14th, 2009. Tell us the story of how you met, how many years you’ve been married, plus something you do to strengthen your marriage (500 words or less). Send your photo and story here. We’d love to receive your story and your photos even if it is after February 14th!


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