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I will be a guest on the Home Team “You and Me Monday” show with host Julie de Azevedo Hanks on KJZZ TV channel 14 (Salt Lake City, UT) on Monday, July 7 from 9 – 10 a.m. to do a segment on sexual intimacy in marriage.

They have asked me about inviting a couple (or a woman) who has read and benefited from my book, and/or that has worked with me through phone consultations to join us on the show to share their experience.

I realize that can be a scary thing for some, but maybe there is someone who would be willing to share what they have learned, and how it has helped their marriage. It would be a great source of encouragement for other couples.

Some of the possible topics they have suggested include:

  • Managing sexual desire differences in marriage
  • Increasing female sexual desire
  • Tips for strengthening the sexual relationship
  • Common sexual complaints in marriage and how to fix them
  • Why sex is so taboo in many marriages and families.

If you are willing to consider participating please contact me by email as soon as possible. Obviously it would be necessary for you to be in the Salt Lake City area on that day.

Thanks in advance to any brave souls who are willing to share their experience. The whole segment will likely be less than 10 minutes, so it shouldn’t be too grueling. You can see some previous video clips of the morning show on their website.

Click here to watch a video clip of Laura discussing The 8 T’s of the Female Sexual Response.

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  • Anonymous July 1, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    I found your book while shopping on the Deseret Book website some two months ago now. My husband was and is currently deployed to Iraq for what will end up being a 7-month tour (if it’s not extended…again). Not long before he left, I uncovered material on our laptop which lead to his confessing a lifelong battle with and (since he was 7) addiction to pornography.

    I was devastated and not just in the “holy cow, my husband is cheating on me with images on the internet” kind of way. This is my second marriage. The first ended in divorce after two years of struggle and heartache. He (first husband) had the same addiction and ultimately chose it over me and our little family. Counseling, meeting with bishops, prayer and fasting never seemed to make a dent in his preoccupation. It was horrible.

    So, when this all came about, all of those former emotions came flooding back. I was desperate to understand sexuality in the light of the Spirit and, hopefully, find a way to bridge this communication gap we discovered though never suspected. I felt like I was hoping against hope but I just knew there was an answer out there.

    Your book has been a miracle and has been the catalyst for much healing and rejuvenation in our marriage. AND HE’S DEPLOYED!!

    We’ve discovered what we term the “good boy” syndrome in him and a measure of the “good girl” syndrome in myself. What he had been taught – via lack of teaching – was that such things were tawdry, dirty and beneath the expected behavior of a respectable Latter-Day Saint.

    I was taught by a more “artistic” mother who was more open to such discussions. Somehow my conversion to the LDS faith 11 years ago and subsequent exposure to the same “no – no – no” teachings created for me the same, unnatural inhibitions. It was a clash of two worlds.

    I’ve a copy here of your book and sent a second to my husband in Iraq. We are among the very few privileged with the ability to communicate daily via calls or internet chats and spent a month researching and reading together. Being able to express our sexual sides to one another (verbally only…sheesh…will he EVER get home?!) has enhanced our capacities to communicate our intellectual, emotional and spiritual sides also. Our hearts are more firmly turned to one another, in a melding way that cannot be articulated.

    We have shared it with family and have included a link to your site from our family blog too. We want everyone to know about this book! It’s about time someone spoke out in defense of our God-given sexual gifts.

    I’m immensely proud that it was a woman.

    You go girl!!

    With love and admiration.

    BTW, we live in North Carolina and, were I closer to you (or if the hubs was actually home), we would love to volunteer for your tv show. Hope things go well! Best of luck!

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