Daddywork — A Great Aphrodisiac for Wives

In honor of Father’s Day and my husband’s birthday tomorrow, I wanted to repost this tribute to “daddywork,” and add a few new daddywork photos to the collection…


It’s hard to find many things sexier than a daddy who loves his kids. They say men doing housework is a great aphrodisiac for women, but I think “daddywork” is way up there on the list as well.

Roses and chocolates and romantic candle-lit dinners have their place for stirring the heart, but it’s hard to beat the feeling that comes from seeing your husband play with the kids, or help them with homework, or teach them something, or tuck them in at night. Now that’s a turn on!

Some men might find it strange that their wives would experience any erotic effect from them being actively engaged with their children, but when women make a point of nurturing sexual feelings towards their spouse, daddywork is a great reservoir from which those feelings can flow.

Prince has come framePrince Daddy

One day I was walking through a quaint arts and crafts fair in a small town when I saw this framed statement that said it all for me. It said, “My prince has come…His name is Daddy!” My prince is a daddy. He’s my kids’ daddy.

I loved the statement because it perfectly captured one of the best things I love about my husband–that he’s a great dad! It wasn’t until later that it dawned on me that the meaning I gave to the statement was probably not what was originally intended, but it works perfectly for me.

Tribute to My Kids’ Daddy

Given that it’s Father’s Day I hope you’ll forgive me for indulging in a personal tribute to my kids’ daddy. Below I share some of my favorite daddy photos of my good husband from over the years. He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me!

Happy Father’s Day Kevin, and Happy Father’s Day to all you other good daddies out there as well. I know there are many! I see them all around…

NOTE: For more information about “Daddywork” as a great aphrodisiac see Knowing HER Intimately, Chapter 3 – Tenderness, pgs. 89-90).


Daddy Tribute to My Honey

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  • winterman93 June 22, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Sorry Laura, I’d like to agree…but my wife couldn’t care less about this in the least. Being a dad to her, is the least you can do as a man since you had NO problem creating the child in the first place.

    I get responses like, “what do you want…a cookie?”

    • klover June 26, 2008 at 9:17 am

      I feel for you. I am grateful for the message Laura is sharing.

      Before marriage I believed/assumed the husband was probably the cause of divorce. Now, since being married about ten years and reading Laura’s book and website, I can understand how responsible wives can be for divorce.

      How much “man bashing” or depicting of husbands as stupid and always beholden to his wife is displayed in radio and TV commercials, sitcoms, etc. Husbands and wifes should be taught to respect, value and appreciate each other’s emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, sexual needs and wants.

      From my perspective, I believe our culture can do a lot more to help wives appreciate, understand, and respect their husbands. No one should say “what do you want…a cookie?” or “is that all that you ever think about?” or “men have a one track mind” or “you are so emotional” or “men just want one thing” or “just get over it” or “this is how you fix the problem” or “am I ever good enough.”

      We need to build each other up and never tear each other down even in the name of “humor.”

  • JustGettingBy March 11, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    I think for many marriages when the man does more around the house, but it is not at all universally true.

    Not sure if the study is anywhere near bullet-proof, but I do think that for some marriages you can bust your backside and there will be zero response. I know of at least one relationship (mine) where that is 100% true. Housework or doing anything like rebuilding a bathroom (even when her “love language” is “acts of service”) gets you maybe a verbal “thanks”, but usually more of a critque showing where you didn’t do it as good as a the best contractor would.

  • kiss March 12, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    The article says the couples had sex 5 a MONTH!!??? My husband says his nads explode after 48 hrs!! He would be dead …and the house work wouldn’t get done.

  • apr April 19, 2013 at 8:35 am

    I’ve struggled with this issue myself. I can clean the house like Cinderella and could spend time with my kids all day, but by the end of the day my wife seems to be further from wanting intimacy than when I started. She’s definitely a visual person, meaning if I want her to know I love her I have to show it somehow.
    You’d think that washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, hanging out the laundry, making the bed, changing diapers, etc. would put her at least slightly in the mood, right? Nope. I’ve taken the kids out to the park for hours at a time, taken them to the library, read them books, played games with them at home, created cards for my wife telling her how much the kids and I love her, and I can never really tell what it means to her. I think she’s grateful for what I do, but it has no impact on our intimate relationship whatsoever.
    I’ve had the thought many, many times that we should see a counselor because our communication skills and intimate relationship are suffering greatly. Any time I try to talk to her about this, she says I’m reacting too quickly and that we can work things out with time. She also says that there’s no point to it because she doesn’t feel like she’ll learn anything she doesn’t already know. She feels like she can never please me, but man, I feel exactly the same way about her. I’ve read ‘And They Were Not Ashamed’ and loved it; it totally puts intimacy into perspective and gives it the proper importance in marriage that it should have. My wife won’t read it. She feels like the ‘good girl’ section is targeted at her as a criticism and that my asking her to read it is my way of telling her, “I told you so!”
    Any advice?

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