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Working with Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST
The Marital Intimacy Institute

Posted 1/27/21 – (We hope to choose someone asap!)

We are currently looking for a part-time, long-term “Social Media & Marketing Expert.” We’re looking for an expert with significant experience in social media/marketing (design, scheduling, engagement), and graphics design. Additional ideal skills to be familiar with include Thinkific, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, and video editing.

This person needs to be self-driven with excellent and thorough communication skills, thorough attention to detail, and follow through on tasks and projects. This position provides great flexibility by allowing you to work virtually (15-20 hours per week) while helping to change lives and strengthen marriages intimately!

We realize we might not get everything we want in one person, but thought we’d shoot for the stars! Let us know what you know and what you can do for us! 😉

Job Description – Part-time position to create, manage and market online courses from our books and resources

  • Part time position – 15-20 hours/week (as needed), preferably available Mondays and Thursdays
  • $15+/hr depending on experience and expertise
  • Virtual position
  • Flexible but consistent hours
  • Long-term position
  • Apply asap as position starts immediately

Responsibilities Include

  • Directing marketing and sales strategies to get online course and other resources into more marriages
  • Creating and scheduling social media posts, engagement, advertisements, etc.
  • Managing our Thinkific online course including updating course materials
  • Working collaboratively as a team with other assistants
  • Other responsibilities as needed

Characteristics Needed

  • Self-driven, healthy sense of self
  • Able to work well in a quick-paced environment
  • Excellent attention to details (this is a must!)
  • Excellent and thorough follow through on tasks and projects
  • Excellent and thorough communication skills

Skills Needed

  • Excellent social media (especially Instagram) marketing
  • Excellent sales ability
  • Excellent graphics design skills (need MS Publisher experience for team editing of posts)
  • Excellent video editing skills to prepare video clips
  • Must have proficiency in MS Word word-processing, Excel
  • Knowledge of MS PowerPoint presentation program
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Excellent spelling and proofreading skills
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • Excellent social media/marketing skills (expertise in reaching new audiences) – actual training in Instagram and Facebook marketing/algorithms
  • Experience with Thinkific or other online course platform is a plus
  • Experience with managing ClickFunnels is a plus
  • Knowledge of Laura’s books, websites, social media a plus

Systems We Use (Just FYI…)

  • ToDoist – online, shared, task, project management system
  • WhatsApp – online group messaging among multiple assistants
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint
  • WordPress – our website program
  • YouTube – video platform to host our videos
  • Instagram – @StrengtheningMarriage
  • Facebook – @StrengtheningMarriage
  • Twitter – @LauraBrotherson (StrengthenMarriage)
  • Tap Bio – for Instagram marketing – posts’ links to additional resources

Websites/Resources to Be Familiar With

To Apply for This Position

1. Please send a cover letter to this email adr briefly responding to each bullet point in this job opening information with your thoughts, situation, skills, experience, etc. to let us know your qualifications to do this job and help us see how you do things.

2. Please provide a quick overall rating of yourself on each applicable item — 0 (no knowledge/skill) – 10 (excellent knowledge/skill)

3. Please include your current resume.

4. Please share why you want to work with us! 🙂

5. Please include links to any social media you’ve run, your own social media pages, your website, etc. so we can get to know you and your skillset.

6. Please include any sample work you’ve been involved with.

7. Feel free to share anything else you think would be helpful for us to know about your skills!

We will review all applicants and contact you as soon as we make a decision. We hope to work with you as our new “Social Media & Marketing Expert” and welcome you to our marriage-strengthening team!! 🙂

Posted 1/27/21 – Apply Today!! We hope to choose our new team member asap!

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