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In support of our fellow marriage-strengthening friends at the Happy Wives Club who are encouraging everyone to start a trend and create a list of reasons we love, adore and cherish our husbands, here is part 2 (#8 – #14) of my never-ending list of why I love my husband…!

My Never-Ending List of Why I Love My Husband (part 2) …

#8 — I really like my honey ‘cuz he’s super funny sometimes when you least expect it…like when he’s getting the camera ready for family pictures at Christmas!

#9 — I really like my husband ‘cuz he makes dinner on Sundays!

#10 — I really like my husband ‘cuz he washed my car for me so it now looks all nice and sparkly clean!

#11 — I really like my honey ‘cuz he lets me sleep in on the weekend sometimes!

#12 — I really like how well Kevin serves in his church calling as sports director!

#13 — I really like it when Kev takes my hand when we’re walking somewhere!

#14 — I really like it when my honey says nice things about me when he gives a talk in church! : )

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