Couples Cruise #7 Highlights (Feb 2020)


What a wonderful Couples Cruise #7 we had once again this February 15-22, 2020! Couples from all over the country joined us as we set sail on the stunning Royal Princess cruise ship for a fabulous week of fun in the sun! Below are some highlights from the cruise and you can check out all the fun photos here!

As you can see, this is more than a cruise, more than a marriage workshop/retreat, more than a great adventure, more than a romantic getaway! This unparalleled experience is all that and more! You’ll have to experience it to believe it! Whether you come just the two of you or with friends, we all become great new friends by the end of the week!

Click Here — to see all the fun pics!

Most Valuable/ Favorite Things About the Cruise

  • Creating a sweet marriage that our kids would want to have
  • The 80/20 relationship dynamic
  • Good refresher for us
  • Being able to work on yourself
  • Meeting new people/making new friends
  • Realizing there’s so much more to work on
  • Didn’t think I’d like going to classes but loved it
  • Enjoyed the safe space to talk about delicate and important things
  • Favorite seminar topics: surrender, letting go, love languages
  • Ziplining
  • The beds were great
  • Great food
  • Letting people have their own responsibility
  • Last cruise really helped us and so we could see how much we’ve improved since then
  • Group dinners were awesome
  • This was a game changer for us
  • We always learn more each time
  • Great investment for our marriage and for me
  • Safe neutral territory and focused attention on each other
  • We found your book 11 years ago and it changed our marriage
  • Loved the camaraderie of our group
  • Good positive energy
  • We made a lot of good friends so quickly
  • Love the “homework”
  • Seriously guys, “no more groping!”
  • Exceptionally warm and welcoming group
  • Loved the Christian attitude of everyone
  • This was back to our honeymoon place
  • This whole setting is so unique for addressing marital issues
  • Learning to focus on myself
  • We got so close in such a short amount of time
  • Loved that you had us start exercises in session to continue after
  • So refreshing to talk about sex, how fun is that!!
  • Just being the two of us for a week
  • Wonderful environment you created
  • Doing so many fun things as a couple
  • Duty sex vs “I want you” sex
  • Getting to the core stuff to get rid of the root of the problem
  • Real people talking about real issues
  • Loved seeing that we’re not the only ones with problems
  • Faith-based context
  • Associating with good people
  • Stop “shoulding” on myself and my husband
  • We never have time to work on this stuff so go on this cruise!
  • We’ve been 40 years and I didn’t know my wife’s love language
  • Understanding each other better
  • Learning from each other
  • Completely transformed our marriage
  • Making so many great friends
  • It’s not my job to fix others. But just fix me
  • Life altering

Marriage Seminar Topics

Some of the topics we discussed during the seminars on the days at sea were:

  1. Laura’s Truths for Success in Marriage (Common Concepts for Couples)
  2. The 80/20 Relationship Dynamic
  3. Knowing HIM Sexually
  4. 7 Steps of Spiritual Surrender – Self-Mastery & Bridling
  5. How Women Get in the Mood – Rocket Fuel for Female Desire
  6. Knowing HER Intimately – 12 T’s of Female Sexual Wholeness
  7. Bridges to Desire
  8. Arousal Helpers
  9. Positive Communication
  10. Sexual Brakes and Accelerators

Couples Cruise “Homework”

To give you an idea of some of the more specific things we talked about in the marriage workshops, here are some of the suggested homework items. Some of these were for the couples to try to do while on the cruise and some were to do when they got home!

  1. Review the Common Concepts for Couples.
  2. Review the Loving What Is concepts.
  3. Discuss how Accessible – Responsive – Engaged (A-R-E) you are with each other.
  4. Discuss and do things on spouse’s Love Language list.
  5. Review and discuss the Knowing HIM Sexually points.
  6. Discuss what sex means to each of you.
  7. Determine what you need to do to improve the 4-step warm up process for her (rocket diagram).
  8. Do some of the Couples Questions.
  9. Do some of the 20 Questions – Your Conversation Starter about Sex.
  10. Identify your Bridges to Desire and try them out.
  11. Try out some of the “Auditory Arousal” ideas.
  12. Discuss how the male/female sexual wiring differences apply to you.
  13. Discuss and incorporate your Brakes and Accelerators.
  14. Create your couple “Sex Bucket List” of ideas for adding novelty and creativity to your lovemaking.
  15. Discuss your favorite concepts. What stands out in your mind about the 12 T’s for women?

Next Couples Cruise #8 — February 2022

If you’d like to join us on our next exciting adventure plan now for our next Couples Cruise – February 2022 (February of even years). We hope you’ll join us! It’s gonna be awesome again!

We’ll make an official decision on the specific cruise and such in October 2020 when we see what all our cruise options are. Be sure you are receiving our newsletters so you’ll be the first to know! If you don’t want to miss out on this next cruise, contact us to get on the Feb 2022 wait list!

2020 Couples Cruise Comments

Here are some of the feedback we’ve received from happy cruisers!

I most enjoyed the positive practical approach to healthy intimacy in a Christian marriage and Laura’s positive, straightforward, “unashamed” approach to sex – as a wonderful gift from God.


This trip is exactly what the doctor ordered! I had read a couple of Laura’s books but was finding it difficult to find time to discuss it with my spouse. This cruise has been a perfect opportunity to both learn and apply what we have learned!


I love that Laura does these cruises during Valentine’s month! Great reminders of the foundational principles of marriage. We also got to meet some incredible couples that have the same desire to have a strong intimate relationship in the context of gospel principles–how God meant it to be. Thank you Laura for being able to relate with both men and women to help them understand each other better. I love seeing how God is using you to create fulfilling, beautiful, wholesome, eternal marriages!!


These workshops have immersed us in life changing concepts – how it is our individual responsibilities to do what we know (that is the hard part). I know we can build a stronger marriage if/when we do the work! 


This cruise is definitely worth the investment of time and money to improve your marriage.


I came two years ago and thought I didn’t need to come this year because I knew it all. I was so wrong! Now I know it is imperative to come back again for our anniversary in two years to keep learning!


Come learn how to make a “good” marriage incredible. Thank you, Laura!


Don’t even question going on this cruise. Just schedule it, and make it happen!

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