50 Reasons to Make Love


50 Reasons to Make Love

  1. To relieve stress.
  2. To improve emotional intimacy.
  3. To boost your immune system.
  4. To burn calories.
  5. To improve heart health.
  6. To build self esteem.
  7. To decrease pain.
  8. To improve sleep.
  9. To help reduce prostate cancer risk.
  10. To strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
  11. To increase blood flow in the body.
  12. To reduce cravings and fatigue.
  13. To connect emotionally, physically and spiritually as husband and wife.
  14. To fight aging.
  15. To awaken your sexual senses.
  16. To say, “I love you” in your spouse’s love language.
  17. To experience pure pleasure.
  18. To just have fun together, and be more playful.
  19. To fulfill each other’s universal need for touch.
  20. To reduce vulnerability to temptation.
  21. To experience many physiological and psychological health benefits.
  22. To help repair and/or rejuvenate the relationship.
  23. To experience validation.
  24. To become ONE.
  25. To affirm that sex is of God.
  26. To help you feel more calm and contented (and less irritable).
  27. To co-create children. (Remember multiply and replenish the earth…!)
  28. To keep the spark alive in marriage.
  29. To experience lovemaking’s natural anti-depressant effects.
  30. To increase her sexual desire, and better satiate his desire as well (or vice versa)!
  31. To experience profound joy and intimacy.
  32. To experience a “wholesome recreational activity” as husband and wife.
  33. To switch gears from parent or employee to spouse and sweetheart.
  34. To help you forget about all your cares for a little while.
  35. To nurture love and friendship in marriage.
  36. To forgive.
  37. To heal wounds in the relationship.
  38. To give a “gift” to the one you love. (BTW, this is a great Christmas gift for your honey!)
  39. To enjoy “God’s wedding gift to husband and wife.”
  40. To get to “know” each other (as defined in the Bible).
  41. To cure a headache.
  42. To practice and perfect the intricate art of lovemaking.
  43. To overcome negative inhibitions and beliefs about sex.
  44. To fulfill the human need for intimacy and connection.
  45. To awaken, embrace and develop your sexuality.
  46. To practice asking for what you want and need sexually.
  47. To learn how to give what your spouse wants and needs sexually.
  48. To experience the “exultant ecstasy” of lovemaking available to every couple.
  49. To develop the “higher faculties and nobler traits” of human existence.
  50. To enhance and reinforce marital unity and commitment.

and . . . Just Because! (My husband made me add this one!)

For more on the benefits of sex listen to Laura on The Marital Intimacy Show episode #052 — “50 Reasons to Make Love”

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  • Arogen December 15, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    51 – For the pure joy of bringing your partner to climax

  • animlnitr8 February 1, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    wow. i need to re-evaluate my life. i’ve been married for almost 4 years (together for 8) and i can’t relate to any of this at all.

  • animlnitr8 February 1, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    darn emoticons! that should say that we have been together for 8 years…NOT smiley face with sunglasses.

  • joshhuntnm February 16, 2011 at 12:38 am

    one more: to be obedient to God’s command!

  • austine October 16, 2014 at 10:03 am

    to be fulfil

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