Success Story #6 — Now I’m Satisfied Too

Now I’m Satisfied Too — Sexual Success Story #6 — Strengthening

success-stories-bedI’ve been meaning to write you for a long time. My sister-in-law mentioned your book and how great it was during a family gathering some time ago. I came across it later and felt impressed to buy it.

As I started reading it, I quickly became aware that our sex life was not satisfying me. My husband and I had been married for almost five years at that point. As I read your description of a female orgasm, I thought, that’s not what happens to me! I had been aroused before, but I didn’t realize I could have a reaction like my husband had. I engaged in sex for him, not for me. There were times the frequency wasn’t enough for him. I tried to please him, but I was not fulfilled sexually. I didn’t realize how patient we needed to be with clitoral stimulation until I read your book.

MIS046_ATWNA-Frnt-bookcover-400pixYour book taught me so much about the female sexual response and also about how important sex is to a man. It opened up the sexual subject in our marriage and made my husband more of a priority to me. It made us more in love too.

Thank you so much (and a big thanks from my husband) for the improvement you have made in this special and crucial aspect of our life. I also wanted to tell you that I enjoy sex so much more now and I have orgasms regularly and I am much happier with our sex life. Thank you for making such a difference in our marriage! I can’t thank you enough for the increased happiness you have brought into our marriage. We will continue learning and improving together. Thank you!


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