#SEXtraordinary Marriages – Billboard Campaign

#SEXtraordinary Marriages – Billboard Campaign


Have you seen it yet!?? “TOUCH…the Dessert of married life!” With your help it is hopefully just the first of many billboards to restore some light and positive affirmation to healthy marital sexuality—the way God designed it. We want to “change the air” regarding marital sexuality and take some of the squeamishness out of sex. Ultimately, we hope to create many “sextraordinary marriages!” 🙂


When was the last time you heard anything positive and public about God’s view of sexuality in marriage? Sex is such a taboo topic that even healthy and wholesome marital sexuality–the way God designed it–gets very little positive air time. From the proliferation of pornography to our society’s sexual free-for-all there is little affirmation of the goodness of a healthy sexual relationship in marriage to counter the constant barrage of the world’s view of sexuality.

In a group of nearly 200 attendees at a presentation of mine I asked for a show of hands for everyone that had heard someone put in a good word about sex in any public way in the past week. Only one man raised his hand. He had just been at another marriage conference that week. That’s not okay…! We have too many people (women especially) having so little affirmation of their sexuality as good and as of God that it makes it difficult for couples to fully embrace and nurture their God-given sexual relationship even within marriage!

Like the “Fight the New Drug” organization’s billboard campaign to educate the public on the dangers of pornography with their #PornKillsLove campaign in California, we too want to change hearts and minds. With our #SEXtraordinaryMarriages Billboard Campaign in Utah our goal is to spark conversation about healthy marital intimacy and provide a counter voice to all the negative and distorted views of sex our society promotes. By affirming God’s gift of sex to husband and wife, we hope we can help to strengthen many more marriages intimately!

Our goal is for individuals, couples, families and organizations to: 1) more openly, comfortably and confidently talk about and affirm marital sexuality, and 2) to help people have a more positive association with sexuality. Can you help us “change the air” regarding sex by donating and sharing this with others!? (…you can even donate anonymously!)


Our first billboard “TOUCH…the Dessert of married life!” goes live Monday, July 30th – Wednesday, August 30th on the northbound I-15 freeway in Utah County near Lindon (north of Provo/BYU).


Watch for the billboard as you travel north along the Wasatch Front in Utah. The billboard is a bit north of Exit #273 (for northbound traffic) but right before you get to the overpass at 2000 North in Lindon on your way to Salt Lake City. Watch for the “Compass” digital billboard on the right-hand side of the road. Our billboard ad shares the stage with six other advertisers each with eight seconds to read their messages, so you might have to drive by more than once to catch it!

“TOUCH…the Dessert of married life!”


Who am I?! I am Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST. I’m an LDS/Christian marriage counselor, certified sex therapist and author of two books (thus far) on strengthening marriages. I am passionate (…pun intended!) about strengthening marriages intimately!

One of the core underlying issues for many couples is that healthy sexuality has been so overtaken by the world’s distorted view of sex coupled with the fact that very few people will publicly or privately engage in open and positive conversation about even the goodness of sexuality that I knew we needed a change something at a very public level.

To change the unhealthy, negative, squeamish taboo that families, churches and society often impart into hearts and minds it will take both a change at a public level and at a personal level. We hope these billboards will begin to open a personal and public dialogue about the goodness and godliness of marital sexuality that I believe God would like us all to feel.

Like I often invite my audiences to do at my presentations…I hope some of you might consider proactively putting in a good word for sex by being advocates of healthy, positive attitudes regarding marital sexuality.


Since these billboards cost thousands of dollars each, we are hoping to find at least a few good people willing to help us promote healthy marital sexuality. We’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise as much as we can to continue these billboards until we can shift the air regarding sexuality.

We need at least $3000 as soon as possible to run another billboard! Please donate and then share this campaign with others who might also want to help!! You can even donate anonymously! 😉

If you like sex or know anyone else that likes sex, help us promote a positive view of marital sexuality by sharing this campaign with others! And if you happen to see the billboard in person take a picture (safely!) and send it to us (or text 801-709-0253) to share! Thank you for helping us take the squeamish out of sex and help strengthen marriages…intimately! 🙂


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