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We have created these “Open Forum Discussion” pages to make it easier for you to find the sections of this blog where you can post questions and comments, and have an open dialogue about subjects related to marriage, sex, intimacy and parenting.

I know from your many personal emails and the conversations we’ve had at various events that there is an army of intelligent and intuitive people who have great insights and are seeking to strengthen their marriages intimately. I hope you will consider yourself a valuable resource in this forum as you share your questions and comments.

Please continue to be attentive to the tone of your posts, so that we can maintain an atmosphere of reverence and respect for each other and the sanctity of sexuality in marriage. I will try to respond as often as I can, but I hope you will share your insights and solutions as well.


Open Forum 3 Topics

  • Struggling with “The Good Girl Syndrome”
  • Would our sex life have been better if we had been with other people before we got married?
  • Having children has almost totally eradicated my interest in sex
  • I hate it when my husband gropes me!
  • My wife says that I am not affectionate enough with her
  • Has anybody here done the sensate focus stuff in Chapter 12?
  • My wife has a hard time taking the lead in making sure she is getting pleasure and reaching orgasm.
  • If self-stimulation is used during lovemaking as a way to enhance and bring excitement and joy to each other, is it masturbation?
  • Are there any other good LDS discussion boards about marriage and sexuality?
  • Sex-starved marriage
  • I’m a guy, but I am discovering that I struggle with the “Good Girl Syndrome” too
  • My wife doesn’t feel safe
  • Is it possible for a woman’s body to simply be incapable of orgasm?
  • Sex satiation
  • Priorities in life
  • Confusing relationships
  • How does one get their spouse to at least consider the principles taught on this site and in the book?
  • How to live with erectile dysfunction
  • I am completely scared of that first night of sex
  • What is the premarital exam really for?

Open Forum 2 Topics

  • Pornography
  • Intimacy in later years
  • One spouse hates sex
  • Disgust for semen
  • No emotional intimacy
  • Expected sex
  • Am I weird for wanting sex so much?
  • What percentage of women actually enjoy sex?
  • Is it better to focus on emotional or sexual aspect of marriage?
  • How to deal with a sexual desert
  • Why does my husband view pornography when I am open to sex?
  • Books for the honeymoon?
  • My wife refuses sex
  • Oral sex?
  • Is sex a NEED?
  • Couples Dialog
  • Twilight obsession and its effects on marriages
  • Wife not interested in sex
  • Masturbation in marriage
  • Sex inhibited by meds
  • New ways of asking for sex?
  • Withholding sex
  • When neither partner wants sex and neither partner enjoys it, is there any reason for them to continue having sex, even on an occasional basis?
  • Sexual surrender
  • My spouse is confusing
  • My wife is no longer attracted to me
  • Trying to overcome “The Good Girl Syndrome”
  • How to spend time when I travel so much

Open Forum 1 Topics

  • Lidocaine and lovemaking
  • Dirty talk during “intimacy” and porn issues
  • Selflessness
  • Breast implants
  • BLISS computerized game
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Masturbation
  • Masturbation causing homosexuality
  • Agency in marriage
  • Leaving father and mother and cleaving to your spouse
  • Different views on sex
  • Overcoming inhibitions together
  • Books that are not listed in Laura’s additional resources page
  • Is Mom mad at you, and why?
  • Re: Edward, Self-Mastery and The Marital Fire
  • Am I the only wife out there who loves making love with my husband?
  • Unconditional love
  • Turning to God
  • Hope in marriage
  • Sexual molestation as a child
  • Preparing for marriage


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