Celebrating 24 Years with My Sweetheart

In honor of 24 years of marriage to my sweetheart, Kevin Brotherson, I’ve gathered some of our couple/anniversary photos throughout the years (2015 – 1991) to share with you.

You’ll also find a link below to some fun marriage tradition ideas to help you celebrate your years together and make them continually better and better!

You can check out our How We Met story here! : )

Kevin and Laura — Through the Years

IMG_4303-ed-4x6   2014-Kevin-Laura-Feb2014-2x3

2013-Kev-Laura-2x3 2010-Kevin-Laura-5x7-crop-800












2009-Kevin-Laura-5x7-800    2008-Kevin-Laura-5x7-800

2007-Kevin-Laura-5x7    2006-Kevin-Laura-5x7-800

2005-Kevin-Laura-5x7    2004-Kevin-Laura-5x7

2003-Kevin-Laura-5x7    2002-Kevin-Laura-5x7

2001-Kevin-Laura-5x7    1996-Kevin-Laura-5x7

1994-Kevin-Laura-5x7-800    1993-Kevin-Laura-5x7-800

1992-Kevin-Laura-5x7-800    1991-Kevin-Laura-wedding-seattle-5x7-800



1991-Kevin-Laura-wedding-5x7    1991-Kevin-Laura-5x7

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