Building an Army

eight couples I think God wants an army of strong couples with strong marriages. I think he’s working in the hearts of husbands and wives everywhere to build something in their lives that is solid and ready for His use. I think God uses the sexual relationship as a refining fire for couples, turning coal into diamonds (often under extreme heat and pressure). Serious personal growth and development is no picnic. He wants unshakable, unstoppable couples.

I think God needs us to get beyond our marital issues as quickly as we can, so that we are freed up to look outside ourselves to be used to bless others’ lives and build His kingdom. He stands ready and willing to help us along our journey of healing and growth toward wholeness and oneness–not only with our spouse, but also with Him. He doesn’t need perfection. He just needs ready and willing. Are you on the path? Are you ready to go?


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