Speaking Endorsements — Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE






Inspiring • Engaging • Mesmerizing • Uplifting • Powerful

“I loved how personable Laura was throughout the cruise and that she knew my name and chatted with us! She made everyone feel so welcome. She made everyone feel comfortable with the subject matter and was so informative. I love Laura’s personality and passion for strengthening marriages intimately.” 
— Couples Cruise, Feb 2018

“I love the openness and candor of Laura’s presentations. The straight talk about sex was so refreshing. Laura is a champion of marriage and married sex. I love how she helped us become advocates as well.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2018

“Laura’s knowledge of sexual topics (across the board) was amazing as was her willingness to talk about anything without hesitation or reservation. My husband especially appreciated how well she explained things to the guys.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2018

“Laura was born to speak! She has such charisma! Her excitement, energy and enthusiasm add to her wonderful information. She makes talking about sex fun, interesting and respectful. She was so willing to share her information and hard work with attendees. She is also a great example to counselors, couples and families.”

— IDAMFC Workshop, Mar 2017

“In her presentations Laura has an amazing ability to connect with you as if you were with a trusted friend visiting one-on-one, regardless of the size of the group. She has a dynamic energy that immediately disarms the typical feelings of embarrassment, shame and discomfort surrounding sexuality. For years I have appreciated the way that Laura organizes information in her books, balancing the academic, spiritual, practical and fun. To see her present is a real treat as you get to witness first hand her enthusiasm and passion for sexual health and wellness.”

— UVU Mental Health Symposium, Feb 2017

“I can’t believe how easily Laura talks about the subject of sex. She was so mesmerizing, I was fortunate enough to see her in person at the AMCAP conference and realized again how brilliant she is with the information she shares. She is simply a joy to watch. I was amazed and enlightened by her energy and insight on the topic. Her information has allowed me to assist clients in strengthening their marriages.”

— AMCAP Conf, Sep 2016

“Laura Brotherson is a breath of fresh air, bringing helpful information, straight talk and fun to a challenging topic. Laura’s work has been a great blessing to my marriage, parenting and my work as a therapist. Her presentation brought new insights and a positive and inspiring energy to a much needed subject.”

— AMCAP Conf, Sep 2016

“Laura has an excellent presentation manner, humor and wit mixed in with well-documented and clearly presented materials. I really enjoyed how she involved the audience as well.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2014

“Laura is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I learned a lot. The sexual information was very helpful and not something you hear about very often. Laura is awesome to listen to.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2011

“I really appreciated Laura’s candidness and emotion. She is very experienced and adept at balancing lectures with Q&A. I appreciated her faithful sense of mission to strengthening marriages.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2011

“Laura’s seminars made a good cruise great! It is so refreshing to learn about sexual responses / differences, communication, and even anatomy from a source that is not raunchy or too revealing. Laura and her husband are younger than expected but Laura is so knowledgeable and passionate (no pun intended) about the subject that you feel so comfortable learning from her.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2008

“Thank you for all of your wonderful teachings on the cruise. I had been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, and learning more from you. You exceeded my expectations! Satan must really be stomping around as you move intimacy back to the place God intended it to be! Please know you’re on a noble mission. You are a real blessing to so many people.”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2008

“I knew Laura would be a great presenter, but I was really surprised at how good her presentation really was. Her style and energy remind me a lot of Mark Gungor who does the “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” seminars at the Smart Marriages conferences. I feel that the standing ovation that the crowd gave Laura and her husband was very much deserved.”

— ACME Conf, July 2007

“I was so impressed with Laura. Nothing seemed to ruffle her feathers. Laura must have a real gift. She is so well read and informed about almost everything it seems, and the information she needed appeared at her finger tips in seconds. I don’t think she even knows how to say the word um!”

— Couples Cruise, Feb 2007

“I have been attending Education Week for over a decade and Laura ranks among the best instructors and best courses. She did an extraordinary job on a difficult but important topic. She was exquisitely prepared, had substantial clinical knowledge, was well versed in gospel and scriptural writings, and presented to the class as accessibly as possible. This class ranks among the best I have taken at Education Week from any instructor. She was very candid yet respectful, providing information students were hungry for.”

— BYU Education Week, Aug 2006

“I am a fan of Laura Brotherson! Laura has been a weekly and favored on-air guest here on our radio station respectfully discussing marital intimacy in our conservative community. She is candid, sharp, and highly devoted to helping couples unlock the mysteries and misunderstandings of marital intimacy often passed from one generation to the next. Laura is a class-act.”

— Liz Hale, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, radio talk show host

“Laura was a top rate guest! As a host of a weekly women’s television show, rarely do I find guests to be as articulate, entertaining, smart, and personable, as Laura!”

— Tiffany Berg, TV Host “Succeeding Gracefully”

“All I can say is – WOW! Laura’s frank discussion about healthy sexuality was handled with such dignity and respect. She is a pioneer in this effort.”

— BYU Education Week, Aug 2006

“Laura has a very diplomatic way of presenting sensitive information in a non-offensive way. I love her passion for teaching. Laura covers sensitive topics with humor and sensitivity. She is brave!”

— Strengthening Marriage Course, Sep 2002

“Laura is so dynamic, you can feel her conviction of the possibilities in marriage. I like how Laura lives what she teaches. I like how she makes every person feel like his/her comment is important.”

— Strengthening Marriage Course, Sep 2002

“Laura is an outstanding teacher and Family Life Educator. Her influence has been extensive among students, couples, and families, who have heard her speak, teach or who have read her book. She is one in a million. She has become a very popular and effective teacher and speaker. She inspires others to internalize and apply her teachings. Her own experiences and self-awareness add a depth to her teaching that is unparalleled. Laura Brotherson is one of the exceptional people that I have been privileged to know. She is bright and extremely capable. I have met few who excel her in talent, energy and personality. She is a diamond waiting to be discovered.”

— Morris Bastian, Ph.D., former Director, Boise Institute of Religion, BSU

“Laura Brotherson knows what she is talking about. Laura not only gets to the core issues of what strong marriages are made of, but she gives principles and specifics that we can apply. She has a passion and talent for teaching that I have rarely seen. Where has Laura been hiding all these years?”

— BYU Education Week, Aug 2006

“Laura was amazing. It was enlightening to hear her speak. I know I learned much truth and that my marriage has been strengthened. Many other classes that I attended drew upon Laura Brotherson’s material. She brought a buoyant, fresh, articulate voice to the subject. Absolutely first rate!”

— BYU Education Week, Aug 2006

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