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  • The Marriage Pledge

    The Marriage Pledge

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all couples to be fully aware of the demands and delights of marriage, and for them to willingly agree to commit to the required responsibilities? The expectations in marriage would no longer be such a surprise, and the transition from

    on Sep 21, 2010 • with 1 Comment

  • Questions for “Let’s Play 20 Questions”

    Questions for “Let’s Play 20 Questions”

    Here are the questions from The Marital Intimacy Show episode #043 — “Let’s Play 20 Questions.” To help make it easier for you and your spouse to talk about your sexual relationship I encourage you to play this little game called “20 Questions–Your Conversation Starter

    on Sep 7, 2010 • with No Comments

  • Radio Show Podcasts — Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

    Radio Show Podcasts — Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

    Check out the newly posted radio show podcasts on the new Podcast Page. These are FREE audio podcasts from Laura’s radio show segments with Dr. Liz Hale. Dr. Liz and author Laura M. Brotherson discuss the delicate subject of sexual relations in marriage with both

    on Mar 31, 2008 • with 7 Comments

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