Q&A Call #2 Audio (4/17/14)


Sexually Speaking — Live Q&A with Laura #2″ — You get to learn about sex! How fun is that! Join best-selling author, marriage counselor and sex therapist Laura M. Brotherson, MS, MFT for an educational Q&A discussion about marriage, sex and intimacy issues. This 90-minute session gives you the chance to get answers you’ve been wanting so that you can create the kind of intimate and passionate marriage relationship you desire! It’s kind of like a family-values version of the “Dr. Ruth” show!

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“Sexually Speaking — Live Q&A with Laura #2” Recording (4/17/14)


  • Importance of a woman understanding what her husband likes in intimacy (and vice versa).
  • Whose responsibility it is to be knowledgeable about sex.
  • Why some wives turn cold or not as kind after sex.
  • How having a healthy sex life is a learned behavior.
  • Ideas on how spouses can share with each other their feelings about intimacy.
  • The most important physical aspect of lovemaking.
  • How wives can change from hating lovemaking to enjoying it.
  • Why women’s minds are like the World Wide Web with multiple windows open, and how it affects intimacy.
  • How auditory arousal helps couples in the sexual experience.
  • Why pressuring your spouse for sex is counterproductive.
  • What to do when your wife is not interested in sex.
  • Considering the “sexual desert” in one’s marriage as having a purpose.
  • Novelty in the marriage relationship.
  • Why sex actually gets better as you get older.
  • Why you may not need a new “technique” but something else entirely.
  • How a man can be sexier to his wife.
  • How to get your spouse to initiate sex and be more assertive.
  • How women can “close down” their mental windows to enjoy intimate moments (and how husbands can help).
  • Helping wives combat exhaustion.
  • The three steps for women to “get in the mood.”
  • When sexual gifts are appropriate to give and how to approach presenting them.
  • Thoughts on “sexy talk” during lovemaking.

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