And They Were Not Ashamed — Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment (Audio Book, Unabridged)

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By Laura M. Brotherson, MS, MFT, CFLE
12 CDs
14.5 hrs running time
ISBN: 1-58783-038-8

Finally! a book about physical intimacy and marital ONEness that is comprehensive, in-depth and frank, yet still respectfully reverent. And They Were Not Ashamed–Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment by Laura M. Brotherson is the ultimate how-to handbook–power-packed with hope and help for creating a mutually fulfilling intimate relationship.

As three books in one, this “marriage book,” “sex book” and “parenting book”:

  • Shines light and truth on the intimate marital relationship, restoring sex to its proper position as ordained of God
  • Effectively addresses, with self-help solutions, the emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy issues that plague so many marriages, paving the way toward complete ONEness in marriage
  • Provides principles and practices to help parents teach and better prepare their children for intimacy and lasting fulfillment in marriage.


“This book is SIMPLY AWESOME!! It provides step-by-step instructions on how to start a fire in your relationship that will never go out. Simply put, this book hits a GRAND SLAM on a very difficult topic. This book has changed my relationship with my Wife forever!!!”


“Your book has changed my life. I now have a very fulfilling intimate relationship, and my husband is the happiest man in the Valley!”


“This book is wonderful! It caused me to have a real epiphany regarding marital intimacy. I have read many other books, but this is the one that really changed my life.”

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Chapter 1: The Good Girl Syndrome
Chapter 2: The Sanctity of Sexual Relations in Marriage—Building a Foundation of Faith
Chapter 3: The Symphony of The Female Sexual Response, Part I
Chapter 4: The Symphony of The Female Sexual Response, Part II
Chapter 5: Creating Understanding and Empathy for Sexual Differences
Chapter 6: Sexual Stewardship—Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage
Chapter 7: Overcoming Barriers to Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage
Chapter 8: ONEness—The Ultimate Purpose of Marriage
Chapter 9: The Search for Intimacy and ONEness
Chapter 10: Becoming One—Emotional Intimacy
Chapter 11: Becoming One—Spiritual Intimacy
Chapter 12: Becoming One—Physical Intimacy
Chapter 13: Marital Stewardship—Covenants, Commitment, and Challenges
Chapter 14: Preparing Future Generations for Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage—Preparing to Teach
Chapter 15: Preparing Future Generations for Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage—What to Teach
Chapter 16: Preparing Future Generations for Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage—When and How to Teach


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