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Newsletter #118 (April 2021)

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No More "Duty Sex!"
Many husbands and wives are discouraged about the intimate relationship in their marriage. The sexual success stories shared here will hopefully give you some hope that with some help things really can get better in the bedroom!!

"Ah…where to even start?! I’ve been married for 17 years, having “duty sex” for probably most of those years. Neither my husband nor I had anyone give us any good information about sex prior to our marriage...

I miraculously came upon your website StrengtheningMarriage.com. My brain pretty much exploded when I started listening to your podcasts...I wanted to reach out and THANK you for providing so much amazing content. I feel like I have had years of sex therapy and it only cost me the price of your books! ... You’re amazing and your tireless efforts are helping so many people who are too shy to publicly comment or “like” your posts..."
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Podcast: "Doing Good" Podcast, Pt 1 & 2
Guest: Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST
Healthy sexuality and intimacy is such an important part of marriage. But with the stresses of life, it can be hard to maintain that important part of your relationship. Laura joined Carmen Rasmusen Herbert of the Our Turtle House app "Doing Good" podcast in a two-part conversation about all kinds of fun things about the sexual relationship and how to have a good one!
In the first episode - Part 1, Laura talks about sexual wholeness for wives. In Part 2, Laura addresses the sexual wholeness for husbands as well as how singles and young people can prepare for a healthy sexual relationship.

Here's what one listener had to say about this podcast:

"This has been my FAVORITE episode on the "Doing Good," podcast and I'm a faithful listener. I love Carmen! She has so many great guests, but the discussion with Laura really spoke to me. No one talks about this subject, and it's such a huge part of our lives and marriages." ~ Noelle

With Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST
If you're looking for a powerful, mind/body, self-help tool to help you release or let go of negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, fears, etc.--especially in the sexual dimension of your marriage then here's something that might just transform your life.

It's the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - tapping tool to help you release energy blockages that keep you stuck and limited in your life. Check out Laura's video demonstrating EFT tapping as well as her EFT Handout.
With Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST

Are you ready to take your intimate relationship to the NEXT LEVEL?!

We can help you embrace and develop your God-given sexuality and create the "sextraordinary” marriage you may now only dream of...

Get started today with our "Sexual Wholeness for Women" Online Course!! It’s a step-by-step guide to AWESOMENESS in your marriage and sexual relationship!
This fabulous online course includes:

  • 12+ modules
  • 6 hours of live workshop recordings
  • Worksheets, assessments, and exercises
  • 30+ hours of learning and therapeutic processing (worth over $12000)

Check out all the awesome details HERE!!
Many couples struggle to understand the equally challenging effort required by both husband and wife in creating a "sextraordinary" marriage. It's not ALL on wives to "fix" themselves, nor can husbands just wait around for her to "get it."

I created this diagram to help couples understand the "Shared Journey to a Sextraordinary Marriage." It's so worth the work that's required!!

Looking for a energizing, rejuvenating, healing and meditative experience...you gotta check out "float therapy." Floating weightless on Epsom salts allows the mind, muscles and joints to profoundly relax. It reduces stress, anxiety, and improves sleep, which can all affect the intimate relationship.
Provo's True REST Float Spa is offering our readers a SPECIAL price of $50 off your first visit, making it only $39 for an hour of float therapy! Purchase your first visit here then use it at any of the True REST Float Spa locations across the U.S. Learn more about float therapy and get all the discount details HERE.
Over 200 Resources!!
Laura has over 200 free self-help handouts, exercises, and other resources to help you have a better relationship with yourself, your spouse, and others. They are now available on Laura's Resource Page on our counseling website - The Marital Intimacy Institute.

"Holy cow! Your resource library of handouts is the goldmine I’ve been searching for. I have been in counseling for years following an abusive marriage, and I have gotten more out of your resources in my few hours of research than I have in the entirety of my therapy experience. I am truly blown away!" ~Janie

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