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Newsletter #110 (July 2020)

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Guest on "Trista's PL8STORY" Podcast

You may already know that Laura is a BIG proponent of weekly Date Night! It's even on her license plate! Laura joins Trista of the "PL8STORY" (Plate Story) Podcast to share the story of Laura's "D8NIGHT" license plate and lots of other fun things you maybe didn't know. Find out what "title" Laura's tax guy has given her husband and what "sexual wholeness" is all about! You'll love this podcast, so check it out below! You can listen or watch their conversation on YouTube!
* Two Job Openings!! *
Part-Time Positions with Laura Available NOW!!

Looking for a part-time position with flexible hours all while strengthening marriages ... intimately!!? Laura is looking to hire 2 part-time, long-term assistants as soon as possible here at StrengtheningMarriage.com and "The Marital Intimacy Institute."

We are currently looking to hire a long-term, part-time Administrative Assistant with a captivating, positive, attitude. We're looking for an ambitious, self-motivated person who is able to work well in a quick-paced environment and is committed to helping us continue to succeed in our mission to strengthen marriages intimately!! This position requires a confident, self-driven individual with excellent communication, follow through and attention to detail on all tasks and projects. Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher and Social Media post creation and scheduling required. This position provides great flexibility by allowing a qualified individual to work virtually about 15-20 hours per week and receive valuable on-the-job training while helping to change lives! 

We are currently looking to hire a part-time, long-term "Online Course Creator & Marketing Expert" to take our books and resources and turn them into awesome online courses available to all! We're looking for an expert with significant experience with successful online course creation (utilizing Thinkific, Kajabi, Teachable, or WordPress Membership plugins, etc.). This position requires a self-driven individual with excellent communication skills, thorough attention to detail, and follow through on tasks and projects. Expertise with video editing, social media/marketing is also required. This position provides great flexibility by allowing you to work virtually (about 15-20 hours per week) while helping to change lives and strengthen marriages intimately!

We're also looking for a affordable videographer for our "Sexual Wholeness Workshop for Women" event in Salt Lake City, Utah on Sep 19, 2020 if you are in the area and have mad video skills! ;)

Guest: Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST
Topic: "Understanding Female Sexual Wiring"

This podcast episode comes from a super fun conversation certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson had with the fabulous Monica Tanner of the "On the Brighter Side" (OTBS) podcast.

Monica asks all about the 12 T's of female sexual wiring found in the 12 chapters of Laura's book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage to help women (and men) better understand all the intricacies of how women are wired so that they can also create their own "sextraordinary" marriage!

"Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage"
Saturday, Sept 19, 2020 - Salt Lake City, Utah

We've got a few spots left for our "Sexual Wholeness Workshop" specifically for women -- Saturday, Sept 19, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bring your sisters, girlfriends or make new friends as we shed light on how we as women can embrace our God-given sexuality by delving deeper into Laura's 12 T's of female sexual wholeness addressed in her book - Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage. You don't want to miss this!!

This fabulous workshop includes:
  • 7 hours of therapeutic learning (worth over $1000)
  • Presentation workbook/exercises
  • Your own copy of Knowing HER Intimately
  • Plated lunch and dessert
  • Fun, personal transformation...and MUCH MORE!!
What about the pandemic?

We are working closely with The Grand America Hotel to ensure safety guidelines are in place and implemented to host our "Sexual Wholeness Workshop" successfully. These guidelines include: seating spaced adequately apart; larger meeting and lunch rooms; constant cleaning and sanitizing of all public areas in accordance with current CDC Guidelines for disinfection. We will continue to actively work with The Grand America Hotel to ensure the best possible experience and safety for all participants.
July 20-26, 2020

Sexual climax for her is not as automatic as some may assume. The big "O" is elusive for many women. To make matters worse, couples are hesitant to seek help when difficulties in this area arise. That's why we are so excited to be a part of The Dating Divas Marriage Bundle!

We've collaborated with The Dating Divas and the top marriage sites & experts to put the very best marriage courses, ebooks, and printables all in one place! These are tried-and-true resources to make marriage easier, more connected ... and a lot more fun! 

Laura's contribution to The Dating Divas "Marriage Bundle" is Chapter 20 - "How to Work Through Orgasm Difficulties" from Laura's latest book From Honeymoon to Happily Ever AfterLaura provides valuable insights on this delicate but important element of the sexual relationship helping any couple work through orgasm difficulties! This is "must-have" information to experience the exultant ecstasy available in the sexual dimension of marriage. Laura covers topics such as:
  • Marriage Can Be an "Exultant Ecstasy"
  • Orgasm and the Female Mind
  • Figuring Out What Works for You
  • Other Factors Affecting Orgasm
  • ...and so much more!
Mark your calendar as this will only be available for ONE WEEK ONLY! starting Monday, July 20th (through July 26th).

Note: Discount will be applied after adding to cart and clicking "Check Out"
CLICK -- for "Marriage Bundle" Details (purchasing available July 20th)
Improve your sex life from the privacy of your own home!!

Dating Divas
Did you miss this "Sex Seminar?!" Want a great way to make it easier to talk about sex with your spouse? Get 9 "sexpert" webinars in The Dating Divas Online "Sex Seminar" then watch, discuss and apply what you learn!! ;) It's on our website for $15 OFF!! We've teamed up with The Dating Divas and other experts to put together an amazing online SEX SEMINAR! This fabulously incredible resource (for a ridiculously low price!) will help you figure out how to have your own "sextraordinary" marriage!! 

Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST is one of the "sexperts" providing must-have insights into "Lighting HER Fire!!" in addition to all the awesome insights you'll get from the other experts! Using our link you'll get $15 OFF, making this only $20 for 9 individual webinars (over 6 hours of expert insights) that will be immediately sent to you!! You don't want to miss this for sure!!! 

Note: Discount will be applied after adding to cart and clicking "Check Out"
Perfect Honeymoon & Anniversary Getaway!!

Soooo thrilled to finally get out for a super fun Date Night getaway to The Anniversary Inn!! If any of you need a getaway from all of the craziness, this is one of my FAV places! They are clean, private and open! And just for our StrengtheningMarriage.com fans a fabulous 25% OFF DISCOUNT at all their Anniversary Inn locations in Salt Lake City or Logan, Utah and Boise, Idaho! 

Anniversary Inn 25% discount
They have fun, romantic themed suites and each stay includes sparkling cider and a to-die-for breakfast in bed!! It's the perfect honeymoon or anniversary getaway!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Definitely take advantage of this if you can!!

With engagement and wedding season upon us BUY IN BULK (four or more books) for a discounted price of $12 per book! Order copies of the same book or mix it up with Laura's books: 
"Laura Brotherson is the ONLY therapist out there that we refer our audience to when it comes to intimacy. What can I say? She just GETS it!~The Dating Divas

Call/text 801-709-0253 or email us to place a bulk order of four or more books at just $12 per book! Simply indicate the number of books, which books, shipping address and a phone number to contact you for credit card information.

by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST

IT'S WEDDING SEASON!! Stock up on the perfect wedding gift!! From Honeymoon to Happily Ever After is ON SALE for only $10 at StrengtheningMarriage.com! Use "honeymoonprep" discount/ coupon code. If you're engaged or know anyone that is you'll want to get this awesome NEW book!! 

"...This book is chock full of all the vital things parents either forget to tell, or don't think of to tell, their engaged children to help prepare them for their sexual life ahead. This book would also be a very useful tool for not only helping their own marriage, but as a gift to their single adult children to help them get more prepared for marriage and get their marital intimacy communication skills started on the right foot to ensure an optimal honeymoon/first sexual experience!..."
~Amazon Review

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