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Newsletter #84 (March 2018)

Bridling & Surrender - Success Stories ~ "Mini Couples' Cruise on Land"
Couples' Cruise Highlights ~ Blissful Marriage Retreat
Video - Tips for Fun and Flirty ~ Marital Intimacy Institute

Definitely one of the hardest things men often have to face in order to improve the sexual relationship is bridling their sexuality and developing a relaxed state of spiritual surrender about sex... This is vital for creating an environment where she can freely choose to engage or not, or all she will be able to genuinely give is "duty sex." It often feels to men like we're asking them to "walk on water." But what kind of sex do men really want?! 

Without testosterone or the feeling that they actually have the freedom to choose, women have a tough time getting to what men want most... freely and enthusiastically wanting and desiring them... not just servicing them out of obligation! Women can't freely "want to" if they just feel pressured to "put out!" It's one of the toughest conundrums in the sexual relationship.

The following are just a few of the many success stories where men have mustered the wherewithal to develop the necessary surrender to dramatically change the sexual relationship in their marriages. This is part of the husband's soul-stretching work toward creating a "sextraordinary" marriage. 

Romantic Weekend Getaway
Workshops by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE
September 14-15, 2018 (Salt Lake City, Utah)
"Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage"

Did you miss out on our Couples' Valentine's Cruise this year? You're in luck! Join us for a "Mini Couples' Cruise on Land" - weekend getaway this September 14-15, 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We decided to make our Couples' Valentine's Cruise experience more affordable and accessible to more couples with the creation of our "Mini Couples' Cruise on Land" weekend getaway. 

Laura's workshops will be similar to the presentations on the Couples' Cruise, plus we'll have some of the other fun parts of the group experience with dinners together and a fun "excursion" as well! 

Every couple needs at least ONE overnight getaway each year to keep their marriage strong and thriving! Most couples' weekend retreats are thousands of dollars. We are providing an opportunity for fun, relaxation, romance and spicing up the bedroom all for a fraction of the price. It'll be a blast, so Register Today!!
Plan now to join us for our next Couples' Cruise #7 - February 2020 or join us for our "Mini Couples' Cruise on Land" - weekend getaway this September 14-15th in Salt Lake City, Utah for a mini version of the cruise. What a fabulous week of FUN and marriage strengthening we had on the cruise!! Between the marriage seminars, excursions, yummy food and great company, it was definitely a week to remember! Don't miss out!

You can check out the cruise highlights, slideshow of fun photos, and other info on our Cruise PageHere's what one couple had to say about the event:

"This is the first time in my life that I've talked about sexuality and intimacy in detail when there was more than one other person in the room. It was refreshing to hear other couples ask questions and share comments in such a wholesome and candid environment."
~ 2018 Cruise Couple

"Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage"
April 6-7, 2018 - Salt Lake City, UT
Join Laura as the keynote speaker at the Blissful Marriage Retreat Friday night, April 6 from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. where she'll speak on the topic of "Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage." With multiple presenters, you'll learn how to take your marriage to the next level during this two-day weekend getaway! 

"Tips for Fun & Flirty in Marriage"
Friday, Feb 2, 2018 - Salt Lake City, UT

How do you keep the spark alive in your marriage...especially for the long-haul!? Watch Laura's TV interview with host Brooke Walker on KSL TV - "Studio 5" as they discuss 5 strategies for how you can keep things fun and flirty in your marriage.

Sex in Utah and all around the world is about to change for the better with the opening of The Marital Intimacy Institute in Provo, Utah. We've made the move from Idaho to Utah as our base for strengthening marriages intimately and are excited to offer our marriage-strengthening services both locally and online.

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Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE | StrengtheningMarriage.com

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