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Newsletter #112 (September 2020)

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by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST

What a fantastic "Sexual Wholeness Workshop - for Women" we had Saturday, Sept 19, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the beautiful Grand America Hotel. Women from throughout the U.S. - married from just a few years up to over 45 years - joined us for this transformative experience to move toward greater sexual wholeness and greater awesomeness in their marriages!! Here's what some attendees had to say:

"I am a sexual being" (testimonial)
"Laura's energy and enthusiasm is so contagious!! I loved the interaction among attendees. I'm definitely not alone!"

"This has changed the way I think about and approach sex. The impossible feels more possible now and even more desirable!"

"The tools provided are amazing ways of achieving a higher degree of self-awareness and sexual wholeness."

"I LOVED the focus on sexuality being about me and my sexuality. I loved that this was about me becoming more whole! That is a much better motivator and probably the only thing that would really empower me to work through this to develop my sexual wholeness!"

Check out photos from the workshop HERE!

Did you miss out on the LIVE workshop?!! Be sure to get into the online course!!

We're sooo excited for NOVEMBER, when we are going live with our "Sexual Wholeness for Women" online workshop to help women go into greater depth on all of the important dimensions of female sexual wholeness addressed in the workshop. The goal of the online course is to help women more fully embrace and nurture their God-given sexuality by helping them apply the principles, tools and techniques needed.

The online course will include the recordings from our live "Sexual Wholeness Workshop," (in case you missed it!!) all related worksheets, assessments, exercises, AND so much more that we couldn't fit into the live workshop!! The 12 modules in the online course will be a deep dive into applying the 12 T's found in Laura's book Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage.

This fabulous online course includes:
  • 30+ hours of learning and therapeutic processing (worth over $5000)
  • Additional optional "process groups" with Laura herself (only available to online course participants)! There's such amazing power in the group experience to transform your life in ways not easily replicated elsewhere!!
  • Insight, fun, connection, transformation...and SO MUCH MORE!!
Purchase our "Sexual Wholeness for Women" online course before November 1st to get the reduced pre-release price of just $795 for over $5000 worth of therapeutic resources! You really don't want to miss out on this incredible one-time offer because the price will go up given this course's incredible value!! If you're ready for AWESOMENESS in your marriage you'll want to get this online course!

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Pre-purchase Laura's 12-week online course ("Sexual Wholeness for Women") and begin your transformative journey toward creating your own "sextraordinary" marriage!!

Podcast: "Illuminate" Podcast, Episodes #65 & #66
Guest: Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST

What is healthy sexuality? This podcast episode comes from an enlightening conversation certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson had with Geoff Steurer on the "Illuminate" podcast.

Laura shares why pornography is a sexual mis-educator for both men AND women and sheds light on what healthy sexuality looks like as they discuss Laura's "20 Characteristics of Healthy Sexuality."

Most conversations about sex focus on unhealthy sexuality, so a discussion like this is a breath of fresh air tackling what constitutes healthy sexual relationships as well as what makes for unhealthy sexuality!

Awesome Book!
by Regi Campbell

One of my clients shared this awesome book with me that I am now in love with!! He said it basically teaches all the things I teach my clients but in a way that men can especially hear! It's particularly powerful as a "divorce busting" tool if your marriage is not in a good place. Regi Campbell offers wise advice on how husbands can go "all-in" to win and keep their wife's heart in his book What Radical Husbands Do: 12 Steps to Win and Keep Your Wife's Heart.

Topics include:
  1. Decide and Tell Her
  2. Burn The Ships
  3. Drop Your Expectations
  4. Love What She Loves
  5. Create an Environment of Acceptance
  6. Learn to Listen
  7. Give Up Sex
  8. Learn to Lose
  9. Set Her Free
  10. Think Long-Term
  11. Stop Talking and Do Something
  12. Give Up/Surrender

Understanding the power of our thoughts and how they ultimately lead to our behaviors is vital. This diagram - "Thoughts - Feelings - Behaviors Hierarchy" illustrates how thoughts and beliefs lead to feelings, which lead to behaviors reinforcing our thoughts and beliefs.

This diagram along with Laura's "How to Change Your Thinking" resource can help with developing greater mental self-mastery, which then flows into every area of your life.

Dating Divas
Did you miss this "Sex Seminar?!" Want a great way to make it easier to talk about sex with your spouse? Get 9 "sexpert" webinars in The Dating Divas Online "Sex Seminar" then watch, discuss and apply what you learn!! ;) It's on our website for $15 OFF!! We've teamed up with The Dating Divas and other experts to put together an amazing online SEX SEMINAR! This fabulously incredible resource (for a ridiculously low price!) will help you figure out how to have your own "sextraordinary" marriage!! 

Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST is one of the "sexperts" providing must-have insights into "Lighting HER Fire!!" in addition to all the awesome insights you'll get from the other experts! Using our link you'll get $15 OFF, making this only $20 for 9 individual webinars (over 6 hours of expert insights) that will be immediately sent to you!! You don't want to miss this for sure!!! 

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