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Newsletter #99 (May 2019)

"Seeing Sex in a Positive Light" ~ VIDEO - After Hours at The Marital Intimacy Institute ~ VIDEO - More Amazing Marriages ~ "The Power of Touch" ~ Handout - "Daily Check In" ~ VIDEO - Couples' Cruise 2020 ~ The Marital Intimacy Institute
by Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine

Many young adults have never had a healthy, positive conversation about sex as a wholesome component of marriage, which contributes to their anxiety, nervousness and fears about sexual intimacy in marriage. 

My hope is to inspire us all to find ways to reclaim the divinity of marital sexuality by shining some light on this sacred and vital topic in more positive and affirming ways. We can and must do better at communicating the wholesome nature of sexual relations within marriage...the way God designed it.

~ "This is Me!" - This is Marriage! ~

This is what goes on after hours at The Marital Intimacy Institute when the cleaning crew couple arrives...too fun!! Maybe if we all added a little more dancing and fun to our marriages couples wouldn't even need counseling! ;)


How fun to come across a fellow therapist promoting our book And They Were Not Ashamed - Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment. Check out what Emil Harker, LMFT and "Marriage Missionary" has to say about how Laura's book can make intimacy in your marriage even more amazing.

"No marriage has it all figured out in the bedroom, but expert Laura Brotherson has some great ideas and her book can help!~ Emil Harker, LMFT

Does holding hands with your spouse decrease stress? This new BYU study says yes! Researchers found that the presence of a spouse can provide immediate stress protection. 

We've received over 850 responses thus far to our Male Sexuality Survey! How awesome is that?! As our survey is coming to a close, we would LOVE to get your thoughts about male sexuality. If you haven't yet, please take this anonymous survey. We can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Survey closes May 31st!!

Help for Daily Repentance and Change

This is an excellent tool to help you improve yourself every day. This worksheet helps you identify areas to repent of and change. As you consistently address these areas, they will be less likely to become fuel for behaving in unhealthy ways. 

Each evening you'll check-in with yourself and think through your day to list at least two instances of Selfishness, Dishonesty, Resentment, Fear and Pride or whichever characteristics you struggle with the most. Check out Laura's Personal Inventory - Daily Check In for more information.

Want more free therapy? Many of Laura's clinical handouts and worksheets are now available to anyone on our counseling website - The Marital Intimacy InstituteOn Laura's Resources page, you can browse topics or use the search to find something specific. Just click on the handout image or title link to open the handout in a printable pdf file. You will find handouts on the following topics:
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Infidelity
  • Marriage
  • Pre-Marital Prep
  • Self-Development
  • Sex Therapy

CLICK -- for "Personal Inventory -- Daily Check In"

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