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March 18, 2009 -- Newsletter #34

embracing coupleEmbracing Sexuality

God designed each of us as sexual beings. We must embrace that fact. It's not only our marital relationship, but also our personal wholeness that is at stake.


Asexual Self-View

Low sexual desire is one of the most common sexual issues couples face. I was intrigued by some recent research about low sexual desire. Women who struggle with sexual desire have been found to have an "asexual" self-view. They simply do not see or accept themselves as sexual beings. This is akin to not fully accepting important parts of who you are.

Without a sexual component to one's identity, it's little wonder that women struggle so with sexuality in marriage.

Sexuality in general and female sexuality, more specifically, tends to be ignored, discouraged, and even rejected. At the other end of the spectrum is a sexual free-for-all that is prominently promoted in popular culture.

It's hard to find that rightful place somewhere in between where there is reverence for the sacredness of sexuality with some affirmation of its positive and wholesome purposes.

Embracing Your Sexuality

At what point does a woman receive the message that her sexuality is a good and godly thing to be respected and embraced for it's full expression within marriage? Young women are especially good at effectively internalizing the messages that are particularly intended for young men that they bridle or control those strong feelings.

In the process, many young women (and some men, too) shut their sexuality out completely, paving the way for frustration and heartache in marriage.

While it is wise counsel for both young men and women to learn to master their sexual feelings, somewhere along the line there is a lack of positive and affirming messages about the goodness of one's sexuality and it's enjoyment within marriage...

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Laura and Brooke Walker, KSL 2/09 Video Clip -- "Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Wives"

Enjoy this new video clip from Laura's appearance on Utah's KSL "Studio 5" show, Friday, February 13, 2009. Laura and host, Brooke Walker, discussed some of the   "Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Wives" who...

  • Embrace their sexuality
  • Get educated sexually
  • Overcome inhibitions
  • Savor sexual feelings
  • Nurture playfulness

Share your comments about the video clip here.

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The Marital Intimacy Show coverart"The Marital Intimacy Show" Online 

It's getting closer...the launch of The Women's Information Network and   "The Marital Intimacy Show" with Laura M. Brotherson. You'll soon have access to Laura's weekly online shows, though there are three episodes currently available with more to come.

  • Six Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually--Part 1
  • Six Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually--Part 2
  • Jumpstarting Your Marriage (Q&A)

With these podcasts you'll find inspiration and information for creating a mutually fulfilling intimate relationship -- emotionally, spiritually and sexually.


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In honor of the Valentine's season (we like to stretch it out as long as we can!), 100 online orders will receive a FREE copy of the talk on CD Love 101--Learning to Love More Meaningfully by Laura M. Brotherson.

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Julie deAzevedo Hanks"Cultivating Sexual Desire in Marriage" Women's Workshop

My good friend, Julie deAzevedo Hanks, LCSW, is holding a   "Cultivating Sexual Desire in Marriage" workshop for women -- this Saturday, March 21st from 1 - 3 p.m. in Salt Lake City, Utah (7084 South 2300 East #120). The cost is $50.

For more information check out the online flier. Julie shares insights from the book And They Were Not Ashamed to help women awaken desire, and find greater enjoyment in the intimate relationship of marriage.

Register today by calling 801-944-4555 or emailing

Visit Wasatch Family Therapy to learn more.


Marital Intimacy Therapist Registry banner

"Marital Intimacy Therapist Registry"
-- Now Available!

Given the difficulty of finding a good sex therapist who also respects the divinity of marriage and sexuality, we have created the   "Marital Intimacy Therapist Registry" (MITR) as a place for couples all over the world to find counselors that can help them improve their intimate relationships.

We currently have therapists available in the following places, and hope to continue to add more.

  • London, England
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • New Jersey
  • Tennessee
  • Utah

All therapists who have read and/or who are familiar with Laura Brotherson's book And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment, and who are willing and able to help couples with sexual intimacy issues are invited to send us their information to be listed on the MITR.

For additional resources for finding a therapist, check out our Resources page under the Topic "Finding a Counselor."


Anniversary Inn

Romantic Getaway Winner
(Couples Photos & Stories)

Congratulations to Josef and Krista for winning our 2009 Valentine's Getaway to the romantic Anniversary Inn by sending us their Couple Photo and "How We Met" story.

For those of you who haven't yet sent us a couple photo of you and your honey, February will be here again soon. All entries between now and then will be included in our next drawing. Check out all the wonderful photos we've received. romantic getaway winners

We're especially thrilled to share so many fun "How We Met" stories as well. You gotta love all the before and after pictures!

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Blog screenshotHusbands in the Sexual Desert
-- New Blog Posts and Discussions

We've been having some incredible discussions both on the Open Forum and throughout the blog comments sections of Laura's Strengthening Marriage Blog. You'll be so inspired by the men who are struggling through the sexual desert of their marriages.

It's also been interesting to learn about what sex means to a man. Join the discussion and find a positive place for learning and supporting each other through the inevitable challenges of marriage.

Some of the latest posts and topics include:

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