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September 29, 2004

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Many bookstores are coming onboard to meet the need for those who are
searching for the answers found in the exciting new book "And They Were
Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment"
Laura M. Brotherson. Over 130 bookstores now carry this book. Among them
are 40 Deseret Book stores across the country and over 40 Barnes & Noble
bookstores in Arizona, Utah and Idaho. For a complete list of current
bookstores see

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If you have appreciated our book "And They Were Not Ashamed—Strengthening
Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment"
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website link ( on your family website or forward
this email to your friends and family. Help spread the good news about this valuable new
resource and be an instrument in blessing peoples' lives.

Wedding invitations are filling our mailboxes! But the search for the perfect wedding gift
is over! "And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through Sexual
is the must give wedding gift!! No couple ought to start marriage without it!
You can save new couples from a lot of heartache by giving them a copy of this book.
For your convenience you can order online at
and have the book shipped directly to the couple or order ahead to personally deliver
the gift at their reception. Keep some copies on hand for the wedding invitations that
are surely on their way.

Many of you have read our new book and have flooded us with your wonderful
comments. We'd love to hear your thoughts and have you share them with others.
Below are a few places where you can post comments or reviews of the book,
"And They Were Not Ashamed."
Here are some recent reviews:

"This book is SIMPLY AWESOME!! Every woman needs to read this book.
Every man MUST read this book!!! Laura Brotherson provides step by step
instructions on how to start a fire in your relationship that will never go out.
Anyone who is thinking about marriage, or is already married MUST read
this book. Simply put, Laura has hit a GRAND SLAM on a very difficult
topic. My wife and I loved chapter 12 "Becoming One"--Physical Intimacy.
This book has changed my relationship with my Wife forever!!!"  
    Rod H.

"This book is unlike any other book written for married couples! All of the
other books I've read, and I've read them all, don't come close to helping
marriages achieve what your book will! Your book has the "teeth" that other
writers avoided. It is simply, indeed, a great book for our time."    
  Cindy M.

"I wish I'd had your book over 20 years ago and read it before I got married.
It took a lot of guts for you to write this book. I had a lot of good laughs
reading through it. I'm not a real avid reader, but I really enjoyed this book
and got into it so that I couldn't put it down. I was amazed at how quickly
I finished it. (My wife was probably amazed that I read it at all!) I loved the
tenderness of the book. I loved the "3 T's" for women--talk, touch and time.
I still have a hard time with the talk part, but I know it's important to my
wife. I really appreciated the section with all the quotes and scripture
references letting us know that sex is good and okay.
      Before I got married I asked my mom to give me the talk and she wouldn't.
She just said I'd learn everything I'd need to know from my wife. I felt
ashamed and embarrassed for asking. I didn't know enough to get married.
I had always felt that sex was just for procreation and that sex for pleasure
or enjoyment was dirty or wrong. My wife and I have vowed to teach our
children better. Your book is so important in my opinion, that we have
bought 7 copies for each of our children. We can all learn something
from this book!"       
Steve B.
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For excerpts from each of the 16 chapters click here — (8 of the chapters discuss
physical intimacy, 5 chapters discuss emotional and spiritual intimacy, and 3 chapters
help parents teach their children about sex).

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