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Newsletter #111 (August 2020)

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The Infidelity Formula/How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
Monday, August 3, 2020 - Salt Lake City, UT

An affair can happen to anyone, even people who have good marriages. Marriage and family therapist, Laura M. Brotherson shared with 
KSL Television's "Studio 5" audience what couples need to do to keep their marriage strong and immune to infidelity. Learn how Laura's "Infidelity Formula" can keep you off the slippery slope to disaster! Avoid the wrenching heartache that comes from not protecting your marriage from infidelity. What are the specific things YOU need to do to affair-proof your marriage?! 

Podcast: "Live from Love" Podcast, Episode #119
Guest: Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST

This podcast episode comes from a super fun conversation certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson had with the awesome Amanda Louder of the "Live from Love" podcast.

Laura shared her concept of "Auditory Arousal" and answered questions about everything you need to know about it to heat up your lovemaking. Most importantly, they discussed the benefits of verbal communication during sex. Learn how this can keep your busy and distracted brain engaged and experience greater ecstasy during sex.

Many couples struggle with understanding the vital importance of agency in their marriages and how it affects one's ability to change. This keeps couples stuck in unhealthy patterns at best often causing significant damage to their relationships. Couples stay stuck in "duty sex" instead of being able to move into "I want you sex." 

This powerful resource - "Agency, Change & Sex" provides insights regarding agency, change, entitlement, "neediness," and the sexual relationship that can help you transform your marriage into a "sextraordinary" marriage!

We are so excited to share this new book Meditations for Marital Intimacy. It a compilation of scriptural and prophetic inspiration accompanied by discussion questions for married members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who wish to better understand the blessings of marriage, deepen their intimacy, and enrich their sexual relationship. 

Laura has referred to it as the Sunday Come, Follow Me study about sex! ;) Check out Laura's review of Meditations for Marital Intimacy:

"A resource like this to help couples have better and more open discussions about their intimate relationship is enthusiastically welcomed and so needed. Especially in bringing the power of gospel principles into the intimate sexual relationship, these meditations will help husbands and wives better understand divine sexuality and advance concepts and questions they didn't even know to talk about in the first place."

Get it here on Amazon. Learn more about the authors here.

Guest on "Trista's PL8STORY" Podcast, Episode #27

You may already know that Laura is a BIG proponent of weekly Date Night! It's even on her license plate! Laura joins Trista of the "PL8STORY" (Plate Story) Podcast to share the story of Laura's "D8NIGHT" license plate and lots of other fun things you maybe didn't know. Find out what "title" Laura's tax guy has given her husband and what "sexual wholeness" is all about! Check out additional photos HERE. You can see the fun conversation on YouTube or just listen to the episode on the podcast. Check it out below! 

"Embracing Your Sexuality & Creating a 
Sextraordinary Marriage"
Saturday, Sept 19, 2020 - Salt Lake City, Utah

SOLD OUT!! Since you missed out on this awesome LIVE event...be sure to pre-purchase the more in-depth online course available this November!!

Are you ready to embrace your God-given sexuality? Then you need our online version of this "Sexual Wholeness Workshop" for women. Many couples find that the sexual relationship is the main source of frustration and contention in their marriage. They don't know what they can do about it. 

We shed light on how women can embrace and develop their sexuality as God intended-delving deeper into Laura's 12 T's of female sexual wholeness addressed in her book - Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage. Pre-purchase Laura's 12-week online course ("Sexual Wholeness Online Course for Women") and begin your transformative journey toward creating your own "sextraordinary" marriage!!

Improve your sex life from the privacy of your own home!!

Dating Divas
Did you miss this "Sex Seminar?!" Want a great way to make it easier to talk about sex with your spouse? Get 9 "sexpert" webinars in The Dating Divas Online "Sex Seminar" then watch, discuss and apply what you learn!! ;) It's on our website for $15 OFF!! We've teamed up with The Dating Divas and other experts to put together an amazing online SEX SEMINAR! This fabulously incredible resource (for a ridiculously low price!) will help you figure out how to have your own "sextraordinary" marriage!! 

Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST is one of the "sexperts" providing must-have insights into "Lighting HER Fire!!" in addition to all the awesome insights you'll get from the other experts! Using our link you'll get $15 OFF, making this only $20 for 9 individual webinars (over 6 hours of expert insights) that will be immediately sent to you!! You don't want to miss this for sure!!! 

Note: Discount will be applied after adding to cart and clicking "Check Out"

With engagement and wedding season upon us BUY IN BULK (four or more books) for a discounted price of $12 per book! Order copies of the same book or mix it up with Laura's books: 
"Laura Brotherson is the ONLY therapist out there that we refer our audience to when it comes to intimacy. What can I say? She just GETS it!~The Dating Divas

Call/text 801-709-0253 or email us to place a bulk order of four or more books at just $12 per book! Simply indicate the number of books, which books, shipping address and a phone number to contact you for credit card info (or your Venmo name).

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