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Newsletter #98 (Apr 2019)

VIDEO - "Toolbox for Tackling Depression" ~ BYU Student on American Idol  
Handout - "The 80/20 Relationship 
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VIDEO - Couples' Cruise 2020
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"Your Toolbox for Tackling Depression"
Friday, Mar 15, 2019 - Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone can fall prey to anxiety or depression given the right stressors and situational circumstances. If it finds its way into your life, will you be ready to beat it? Laura M. Brotherson, sat down with KSL Television's "Studio 5" host Brooke Walker to discuss a few of her 17 tools for tackling depression and depression proofing your life! Check out the full list of tools in Laura's "Toolbox for Tackling Depression" handout.

You've gotta see this video! So dang cute!! Not only was Johanna Jones' Hollywood Week song incredible, but these BYU students showed the world what true love is all about. Read the inspiring story behind the surprise proposal!! (I hope somebody makes sure they get my books to read before they get married! ;)

One of the funniest parts was Katy Perry's response... Just a note for all women to remember: If you want someone to love you like this--know your worth and don't give it away for free!! :)

Are you an 80%er or a 20%er? Laura's 80/20 relationship dynamic is important to understand so that you are able to identify which side you fall on and what efforts are needed to move toward better balance in your marriage. The goal is to move closer to a 50/50 dynamic where there's a more balanced and equitable distribution of needs met, opinions given and perspective respected. Check out Laura's 80/20 Relationship Dynamic for more information.

Want more free therapy? Many of Laura's clinical handouts and worksheets are now available to anyone on our counseling website - The Marital Intimacy InstituteOn Laura's Resources page, you can browse topics or use the search to find something specific. Just click on the handout image or title link to open the handout in a printable pdf file. You will find handouts on the following topics:
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Infidelity
  • Marriage
  • Pre-Marital Prep
  • Self-Development
  • Sex Therapy

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Book Review by Laura M. Brotherson

Jesus understands our propensity to define ourselves as our weaknesses and shortcomings. It is through His Atonement that we are able to be liberated from those definitions. Our Savior has conquered the world of regret (the past) and He has triumphed over the world of fear (the future). I Forgave You Yesterday by James Skeen combines gospel principles and counseling methods to explore how we can re-align ourselves to the present and become whole again.

"Many principles of personal and spiritual wholeness created through greater connection to our Savior, Jesus Christ are expertly expounded upon throughout this book exponentially increasing an individual's ability to heal and become whole. As readers apply these principles and live more profoundly in the present moment wrapped in the arms of Christ's redeeming, enabling, healing and strengthening power it will allow greater peace and abundance of life to be yours."
~ Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE

Sex in Utah and all around the world is about to change for the better with the opening of The Marital Intimacy Institute in Provo, Utah. We're excited to offer our marriage-strengthening services both locally and online. Learn more about Laura's counseling services, her Wait List and her Priority Client option!

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